1984 Part 1

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This part one of is a project I did for school summarizing 1984 by George Orwell. Thanks to all who helped.


Very nice job

I'm giving a nine here because it wasn't absolutely perfect. For one thing, your animation style is extremely primitive. Also, at work you showed Smith writing things down at the Ministry. He should be using a speakwrite, and (I've not yet seen part 2, so if you do it there, my apologies) a little note about Newspeak would be nice. However, those are minor nitpicks. Great job.

Good job

You did good on this, it fits the book well. There's also a movie if you don't really like reading, I think it's on youtube. To tell the truth, this doesn't seem all that outlandish to me, think security cameras. Also gotta like how their still fighting over the middle east, some things never change.

crazium responds:

Yeah, there have actually been 3 movies made based off this book. 2 in the 5os and one in 1984.

For the record, I got an A on this. :D


pretty informative of the book. I was acctually part of the play of 19984 and it was incrediably annoying!

like cliff notes sort of

kind of rough, especially the voices, and some of the timing was awkward. nonetheless, i enjoyed this nice succinct little presentation, especially since i was never able to get through more than about a quarter of the book myself, and i will watch part 2. :)

A bit dry

Need some "off the wall stuff' to fill in some spots.

crazium responds:

I would have, but it had to be done in 1 month for school.

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