Ski Free (flash Remake)

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This is a simple game, that was originally made by Chris Pirih, and later put into the Microsoft entertainment pack. The game still has many fans, including me. But yet, I couldn't find a flash version of it anywhere... I contacted Chris Pirih, and asked him if it was legal for me to remake it. He said it was fine as long as I gave him credit for the graphics.

The original game has more features. You can download it by clicking on the download link in the game

Arrow keys = rotate character

see in game instructions


Not a bad game, not a good one

It's nowhere near as good as the original (where is the monster that we all loved?) but it's still worth a play if you're on a mac and can't get the original.


It's really kewl and i really enjoing the music.

nice game

Not as good as the original, but it's still good-ish. Thanks for the download link!

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Don't even call it a remake...

To avoid the yeti, you need to press F to go faster... NOT IN THE REMAKE! There are more options in the original on which track you can take... NOT IN THE REMAKE! You can start a fire by jumping in a dead tree... NOT IN THE REMAKE CAUSE YOU CAN'T EVEN JUMP! You can change a stump into a mushroom... NOT IN THE REMAKE! You can do stunts in the original... NOT IN THE REMAKE! So what's the point of this game? Chris Pirih did an exellent job on the original... NOT ZORANAN IN THE REMAKE! I would give it 1 star cause I like Ski Free but the annoying music made me remove it. These are the reasons why I din't give a single star....

Doesn't hold a candle to the real thing

First, that music is annoying as hell... I enjoyed the real one with no sounds or music. Second, I can't do any tricks on it like I could the real one. Third, I can't choose which challenge I wish to follow.

I would hardly call this a "remake" since it's essentially a crippled version of the game complete with added annoying music, which is why I rated it a 1. However, I will give it two extra points based on the fact there's a link to the Ski Free website, where at least we can download the real version.

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4.16 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2008
4:33 PM EST
Skill - Avoid