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Mouse Challenge 4

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The fourth game in the series.

Mouse Challenge 5 is in the works and will be the last game of the series.


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Thanks for the music credit!

Just got through your game...it took me a good half hour using a laptop touch pad. It was very well scripted.

Glad you decided to include my song in there.


MVK-Productions responds:

Thanks, how can I not use your song? Its like epic =D

Great song and thanks for playing!

nice job man

Great job on the game very challenging if you actually play it. To everybody saying how easy it is to cheat, here's a great tip, instead of this guy fixing it just don't do it. Sure you can always cheat but there is no fun in that. Just play it the way it was meant to be and enjoy it for what it is worth. The game is actually harder than it looks.

MVK-Productions responds:

THANKYOU! You are the fist person who actually sees that i stopped left clicking, and all the cheaters are just noobs who wanna say they have completed another game.

The game was made for fun and not intended to be able to right click, however you need flas cs3 to sort that out, and I cannot afford to be spending all that money just to stop these guys from cheating, its pointless.

Thanks again lol =D

Very easy to cheat

I beat all four levels in less then a minute. If you just throw your mouse off-screen, bring it around and throw it back into the box, you can win every time. I dunno how you can fix that, maybe put the final goal in the middle, so you can't just move your mouse fast and get right to the exit.

Hope you know what i'm talking about.

MVK-Productions responds:

yeahh i do, but if yo wanna cheat, do it. this game was ment for fun not cheating

Pretty Good

Overall it was a good challenging game. Nice choice for music to. BUT.
That problem with the right clicking shortcut, you've fixed the first step, if you right click once then left clickon the location you will fail (as I'm sure you intended). BUT if you right click, move to the location, right click again then left click you can get through unscathed. You might wanna try and sort that out for the next one.

MVK-Productions responds:

yeahh, im trying my best =D

Pretty good

But the thing that I would have to point out to you is the 'right click' shortcut. Try to make the next one so that if you click at all you die, so that you won't be able to use the shortcut. Other than that, good job!

MVK-Productions responds:

I have been trying, guess I will have to try harder. Thanks for the review =)

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2008
4:04 PM EST