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This is the first version of my game-series called Sk4te. This is some basics flatland trick, soo this version is sk4te flatland (basics)... :P

i'm going to make sk4te with rails, gaps, ramps and harder flatland tricks. Hope ypu enjoy ^^



That's really boring, that the dude looks cute

Hey you're onto something! :D

It's still a little too short, but keep on doing this and you'll achieve something big :)

Smoothe bevegelser der også, ganske digg animasjon, ser at du kanskje har litt inspirasjon i Johny Magic...? Også sykt bra at du har full-person og ikke fyrstikkmann!
Bruker du fortsatt 12fps forresten? 30 er best men...

Keep it up


There's a future for this guy.

I personally don't think this is any more than an interactive movie but unfortunately I don't think this will receive much in the way of a good score anyway.

I think the animation was pretty good. A nice array of colours was used and everything was clearly labelled (no matter how simple it was). The good points are completely outweighed by the bad ones though. I won't go too much into it as it's only a small submission. Here's some tips for you in the future.

O Test your flash! I happened to notice that the buttons didn't function correctly.
O If you make another interactive movie, make a lot more choices, or even possibly decisions to a plot.
O Try to put as much effort in as you can so that you know you've done your best.

Too be honest, there's nothing to really be ashamed of for this short movie, but it's not necessarily the best you may have to offer as a flash artist. I think it speaks for itself at the end of the day so that's why I have attempted to compliment you as opposed to insult you with criticisms. All in all it's not a badly executed flash for your level of animation, the movement is actually very good. Keep flashing!


By the way, I'd just like to say something about the reviews. You guys that have reviewed it fairly and give this guy some good points and advice, good on you. Sadly, there are always appalling, pointless and desperately short reviews. Bow I'm not pointing fingers COUGH(dogstoenails)COUGH butI'd like to say the following things to him:

1. I don't see you contributing anything to the Newgrounds community (even if I haven't, I should hope through my usefully marked reviews that I encourage and make artists feel good about themselves).
2. You say you wanted to know what the purpose of the game is? Well he's a maturing artist and seeks opinion on his work, but may I add, what was the purpose of your review exactly?
3. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

lillewilli responds:

Thanks ^^

I have done all your tips on this movie, but I'm so lazy, so i let it go :P

Its not that.... good.

Animation is smooth, its colorful, and has a good interface. Its Not really a game, however, good basic, but add some user activity in your next one, such as arrow keys to speed up/slow down, jump, specific keys for tricks.... ectetera.

Its a good start!

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(title in work)

This wasn't too bad. I think you've got some skill in animating. I enjoy how you elongated some animations to give that movement effect. Everything looked pretty well done, though on the Ollie trick, his body definitely seems to change size and it looks a bit odd. I think your full movies will be pretty good.

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Dec 14, 2008
2:03 PM EST
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