DOTS! 19 (Long Night)

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A resubmission of mine due to the previous one being included in the collection.

This Flash entails Christmas Day in the Dot world. Leave your comments and feedback letting me know what you think. Feel free to check out the others in my series.

For people confused to where the ending is, a replay button will show up to signal that the episode is over.

Music by: Dopaminex, and Activision Blizzard. (edited by me).

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Cute as always

Well here was something with the holiday, lots more detail shows up in this one and it all seemed to came together seems by this point you have already gotten so much better and while some gradients are still in place its all very improved from the prev ones. the ending was a tad odd but its all good.

Well this whole series is notbad but "VOICES" would make this even more perfect.


Pretty nice

I'm not the biggest fan of the DOTS series, but they certainly seem popular enough to get their own collection! Anyway, I was impressed at the pretty subtle animation. The song was also good and it was nice I managed to watch this around the holiday season. I honestly didn't expect that ending where Santa didn't come and he was playing "World Of Warcraft". I guess you did well in creating a twist ending that was good enough to recommend. I hope you had a merry Christmas last year and will again this year.


Lol, I like the "All your base are belong to us" on the news feed. Wow, Santa's expression at the end really creeps me out... Nice work!

nice add on

even tho its a repete its awesome wene he drink the DEW and still 10/10 5/5

As with the original, I still enjoy this...

And I won't take my voting or score for you down in any way, but I will say that I am disappointed in your decision. I understand the ethics about it, but I would have preferred to see this remain in the Christmas collection. Although Newgrounds has plenty of low-lives like the type that you mention, it also has people like me and the others who enjoyed your flash.

Either way, it is your decision.

As my previous comment noted, I enjoyed the selection of music, and the ending was unexpected and very amusing. I appreciate it as someone who plays an MMORPG. Your animating was quite good, and I liked how emotive their eyes were, and how they even had body language in some scenes.

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3.54 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2008
12:31 AM EST
Comedy - Original