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This game has directions (which can be accessed by clicking the question mark in the lower-right corner of the frame) so I won't explain the game in full here, but suffice it to say that your goal is to collect stars and avoid the planets. If you close the game and reopen it the planets will all randomize.

This game was written in AS3, and takes place on a single frame. It uses real formulas for calculating celestial mechanics, and even uses the gravitational constant (to an extent).


Nice physics

You may want to actually add a black backround layer though, because even though you have a black auto'background, it will still show up as the default white in some browsers

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Very good basic game.

The coding was very well done for this, I'm impressed. The artwork wasen't half-bad either.

The only thing the game is lacking is really good sound effects, an improved level system, and maybe a storyline attached.

Great work.

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Neat little game...

Its a bit hard to control, and the map doesn't loop, so if you leave the area with the stars at a high speed, it could be a long time before you stop, turn around, and go all the way back. But if you keep working on it, it could be a pretty good game!

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i rule

i got to the point where i don't see any stars anywhere. to get rid of this bug, i suggest that you make it so that if you go through a certain point, you pop up on the other side. also, when you bump the planets, you gain speed, so much speed that the little dots dissapear. And when that happens, you can turn around, press foreward, and nothing happens. but otherwise it's a fun game.

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well lets see when you go off screen too much you can never get back and the controls are rong. The game says wasd when it really is the arrow keys

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2.91 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2008
11:20 PM EST
Action - Other