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This is not really a game; it is simply a toy. What you can do in this game should be self-explanatory, but to some it might not be, and so I will explain. If you hover over or click on the slider on the right side of the frame, the slider will come out. In the slider is a generator, which you can click on and drag around the frame.

You can adjust the power of the generator by clicking on the power bars, and activate the generator by pressing the on button. Similarly, you can deactivate the generator by pressing the off button. You can get rid of the generator by clicking and dragging it to the trash barrel in the lower-left corner of the frame.

Clicking the plus sign or the minus sign in the lower-right corner of the frame will increase or decrease the number of balls. Clicking the pause button will pause the simulation, allowing for changes.

This was written in AS3, and takes place on a single frame. It uses real formulas for calculating celestial mechanics, and even uses the gravitational constant (to an extent).


6/10 3/5

it's okay, but there should be more stuff like pusher magnets or something

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well its not really bugged as suh as its annoying as to how its set up and the i have to guess where to press things cause the buttons are no to good

For what it is, It's FanTasTIC!

I do say, for what it is and its purpose and design, this gadget is rather intriguing and interesting.

WoW... I'm surprised at how much went into this thing, it might not be very entertaining for other people, but for a guy who's into this stuff, i'd say its rather nice.

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nice little toy

although i think there should be one the deflects the balls...

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What is the goal of this game how do u play?

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2.69 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2008
11:06 PM EST
Simulation - Other