The Ultimate Fight EP: 1

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The epic battle's first part has begun. See how it all begins and predict how it all ends!
1. Yes, I know, it's a bit short but, hey, i'm not an expert. Plus,i've left this alone for a while and there have been people who really wanted this to come out. I promise, the next one will be longer.
2. I just viewed it on my PC and it was a bit laggish in some places so if you get it, you're not alone.
3. Yes, Wonder Woman is in it. I'm just putting in characters gallore to make this a really enjoyable flash.

Also, the forums will be up really soon. So keep up to date with my blog to find out when they come. It will also be posted in this description.


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too much shaking

not so good

i've seen better


What? but... and.... why...? Well, go for it, but I'm giving you a low score until I see chuck norris, mario, solid snake, mewtwo, or captain america in this. But you get an automatic 10 if you can put in psycho mantis with "psycho-kineeeeesis."

That aside, expand the background if you're going to simulate shake-y cam like that so we don't see the cerulean oblivion. Also, don't make a "power-up" animation for someone unless you have all the sprites for the power-up. I'd also strongly suggest studying other all-out-brawl type movies for choreography of the fights itself. It didn't really feel like a real fight, so much as a pillow fight where no one really wants to break a nail. Show some carnage, show some aggression.

oh no

i could only watch so much, the animations were good considering you used sprites but....., cmon inuyasha and LUCARIO!


It was a pretty good sprite anim. i liked your choice of characters although i'm not sure who poison is... but try to make it less laggy... :)

Darkrai-Lv-X responds:

Actually, I figured out about poison when I was downloading som other character. Apparently, she's from king of fighters, other than that, I'm clueless about who she is.

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2.90 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2008
7:59 PM EST