Death Train (intro)

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Basically, this is the interactive introduction to a possible game that can be developed. You and your wife to be are heading to germany for the perfect wedding, but little do you know that secretly on the same train in a guarded cabin, there is a biological weapon being taken to germany to end the War! Something happens, and you must fight to stay alive! This is only the intro, but if it is reviewed well, I shall possibly concider creating a full game to this, or posting it in small parts, it will involve logic, and but kicking, and not to forget, the bits that will make you leap out of your seat, or check your back!


i want graduate at 21 before high school and marry brandon pich


nice you shood make a full one


The story is good, and the game seems promising, but maybe you can find an artist to help you with the models and animation? That's the only things bringing down your score right now (imo). Stick figures sort of lose that immersion factor that people tend to like in games...which is why they're mainly used for massive death spree flashes.

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Jage1992 responds:

I aggree Completely, to be honest I was a bit pressed for time, and I'm not very good with full bodies, and I dont know where to go to find people interested in doing the artwork. But thank you for the feedback, it is much appreciated.

I hope you finish the game

It's a great story. I hope you do finish the game; I would really like to play it. The graphics could be improved, but even without that, it's still interesting to play. I hope when it's finished, as you go through the action, there are options for which way to go. It seemed in this demo, there was only one possible path to take. Even if the finished game only has one ending, it would be more fun if there were you had more freedom over what steps you took in what order, what you did when, what rooms you explored first, etc. I look forward to playing the whole game.

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Jage1992 responds:

Thanks! A good point! In the full game, I will make sure there are enough choices, and there will be many ways to die, and many ways to survive! Thanks for the good feedback!

Here's My Usual Feedback.

Don't use sticks to portray your characters in the process of making a survival(possible horror) adventure game. Bad art does not work for this kind of thing.

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2.65 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2008
7:54 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click