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Live for the chase! Stay on your victims trail to terrorize them.

No turning back!
You can only make left or right turns.

Arrow Keys to turn.
S key to speed up.
Spacebar to capture when you're bar is full.

Collect Skulls to raise your suspense and score extra points.

DON'T get too close. You'll send your victim into a panic.
Stay on the red to get points faster but the game will get harder faster.
Save your capture until you can't hang on any longer to maximize your score.

Hope you guys like it. Bet you guys beat my high score within minutes (mostlyharmless).

I know some people are having trouble with the controls. You can't turn around. The keys only allow you to turn left or right. If you need to turn around you need to make 2 lefts or 2 rights. It's a game of skill, so advanced players (and we've seen this) are able to turn even inside the trail!

Let us know of any bugs.


So it's like playing snake, but the food is moving, you don't get bigger, and is far less fun the normal snake. Also a horror theme.

Here a idea to improve it more stuff.


An interesting and original premise that would probably deserve revisiting if you ever decided to come back to it down the road. As for the game itself, it does feel a bit "experimental," that is, it feels like you're testing the waters, instead of a fully fleshed-out game.

That said, it's a good game. Not excellent, but promising. The ability to choose different monsters and victims is a brilliant addition. The music was reasonably fitting, and the art worked very well. I still feel, though, that more could be done to refine this concept and turn it into a more complete game.

Also, for some reason, this game chugged on my PC. Maybe I didn't see it, but there didn't seem to be a way to control the quality to make the thing run faster.

I liked it.

I enjoyed it so much, that I got the highscore. It was a great time consumer!

"I <3 Breanna"


Toook around 5 seconds to beat. Maybe a litlle longer? and perhaps maybe you can slow down?

Buzzwerd responds:

It's meant to be an arcade game where you try to get the highest score. I know you can capture in 5 seconds, but how fun is that?


i loved the concept of this game, just needs to be longer, maybe ad a story if sequal is in mind.

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3.72 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2008
5:33 PM EST
Skill - Other