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I did this in basically 30 secs.. Not good at doing blood effects i wanted the bottom island look like its tripping blood buy hey.. who cares, you do probably

i can almost guarantee this will be blammed as its not animation buy hey..

Vote Good :L i just want this on my Flash Submissions..


Im doing an All-niter With a Mate, Cant sleep to much coffee in my blood


(title in work)

Well, I guess what is contained in this movie is of good quality. Nice drawings and coloring. The shading looked like you have some experience in animating. A bit short for my tastes though, especially considering there was really no storyline in this movie.

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Bigster responds:

:L Thanks For The Compliment..

Tbh it Wernt ment to be a Movie i didn't even know this was even going to pass..

A quickie?

Ok, the earth looks all right for a 10-minute rush. But the movie does not have any kind of plot. You said that it only took you 10 mintes to complete the movie. Maybe you should spend more time on making submissions next time and try to put some decent storylines.

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Bigster responds:

it Took Bout 3 mins for me Actually..
There is No Movie Unless you want there to be

cool effect

nice got something goin. did you watch scarface lately or something? haha tony fucking montana.

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Dude, not even any video, just a loop. Maybe...try...actually...doing something next time?

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Bigster responds:

Shut up..

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2.03 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2008
10:15 PM EST