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Siblings mini-episode 3: tWHYlight

Adrian invites Rob to view a movie called 'Twilight'. All they know about it is that there's vampires in it. Poor souls, they've no idea how terrible it really is... no idea of the torture they're about to endure...

Made in about three weeks time. Three or four, I forget. I was hauling ass either way. Glad to finally be done working on it. The playhead and menus and whatnot work the same as previous episodes.
I stuffed this damn thing with secrets. There's a 'version B' you can unlock by finding the hidden skull and you can unlock more pages in the scrapbook by finding hidden split second buttons thrown in various scenes. Hell, even the thermos is adjustable... though it doesn't do anything.

I sure hope you guys get a chuckle out of this. I enjoyed it, anyway. Holla!

EDIT: Front page, daily second? A thousand times thank you, everyone! The one and the three zeroes. Put a comma in there if you want, that's optional.
EDIT EDIT: Well, here I was, thinking I was done editing. Apparently not! Thanks for the weekly user's choice, everyone!
EDITEDITEDIT: For those of you who want the location of all the secret buttons spoiled, find the secrets walkthrough for this at my website.


Very good description XD

Hated the book, hated the shitty film. You couldn't even hear what the characters were saying, as every time a new one walked on stage all the girls went "WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!11!11!!!!1!!!!".

I ended up walking out.
Well done on this!


That movie did suck a lot and i seen it opening night. Im still getting into conflicts about how gay it is. and thanks for ripping on the sparkles i hate glitter! You rock man keep it up!

Bobert-Rob responds:

Dude, I've hated glitter way before I saw this movie... so much. It gets all stuck in the skin and sticks into crevices and stuff... sucks. ...but I'm rambling, thanks for watching it!


That blew my mind. It was very funny yet somewhat true at the same time. Great flash!


YES! Finally, the people are rising against the crappy twilight books. The way that people are obsessing over the whole vampire thing at my school is starting to inspire me (or piss me off) to write a book about werewolves where its complete violence no romance and basically it kills a bunch of vampires (just needs a good story line).

Anyway, liked the animation and loved the points you brought up about the chicks over-reacting to Twilight.


you described the movie (and book) perfectly!! everyone loves it for some reason but yes it is total crap!!!!, the animation was superb and was entertaining.

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4.39 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2008
9:16 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
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