An Easter Bunny Story

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An Easter Bunny Story.
Play as an abandoned easter rabbit and try to survive in the wild. This game will give you information on the sad fate of thousands of easter bunnies, through direct facts as well as playing through the story.

Created this in about a week of work. I had to remove all but one of the music tracks in order for the movie to be the right size to be uploaded.

The full version is here:

http://scifidragon.com/th ebunnygame.html

Enjoy and please leave comments if you like.

To those who offered constructive criticism: Thankyou.
I know the pacing is fairly slow but it's somewhat intended (the full version has better matching music which helps you sympathize with the bunny). I was pressed for time too, since it was a project for a final, so I could not add a click for next text feature. I wish I could have been more detailed with the art and animation, but again, pressed for time. I will probably go back sometime and polish everything.
I just really wanted to get the message out about easter bunnies.

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Oh my gosh! it's sooooo touching! I'm so gonna show this to other people.


That was very touching 5/5 10/10


so cute :3
and still it happens

Not a bad idea

Just so painfully slow.

its a major downside to what could've been a good idea.

Kind've Boring...

There's really a whole lot of nothing going on with this flash.

I mean, the game's idea is pretty cool, but it takes forever before you're able to do ANYTHING. You have to wait for the bunny to talk for what seems like 10 minutes before you can even start choosing to do anything, and then when you finally CAN choose to do something, you pick it, and then wait another minute or two for the bunny to whine about being cold, hungry, alone, etc. before finally being able to select the next option.

The sentences either need to be WAY shorter and move on a little bit faster, or there needs to be a way to just click to cycle to the next line of text.

The music is pretty cool, the story is unique, but the long and frequent bunny-talk gets old fast, and really pulled me away from playing this for more than a few minutes (which doesn't get you nearly as far as you'd think it would).


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4.11 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2008
3:55 AM EST
Adventure - RPG