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DLPD collab

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Drclock is back and has gathered another three clocks into making a 15 minute time trial!


Go check out the last time trial! (TILD) in Drclocks submissions.

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Amazing work on this one.
4 clocks + 1 collab = Epic :D

The best part

Was totally PolearmClock's part amirite guyz

hurr hurr

dey be sayin it sux.

i b sayin it da best evar.


THAT JUST SUCKED!!!! GO GET SOME TALENT then come back and try to be funny its like your a bunch of little kids who think your funny

And the winner is...


DrClock - Slightly interesting. The music went well with the 'exploring the hole' idea.
Lotus Clock - The sounds were too annoying to like the animation.
D.N.A Clock - Kinda funny. I'm glad you had the decency to censor that dude.
polearm Clock - Not much there to like. 5 different frames, no sound.

I'd like to see a Clock Collab where some of you get together and spend a decent amount of time on a truly entertaining idea. I've seen a few clock submissions that I thoroughly like, but unfortunately most of them are pointless shorts. I know you guys have the skills, I'm just waiting to see the 'big' clock submission that will blow everyone away.