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Open your mind and prepare to exercise it. This is a challenging logic and memory game. Starts off easy, but gets hard. Are you up to the challenge?


A game me and ssjskipp started awhile back and FINALLY finished.


Great game!

3438, fourth try missed one question, miss clicked a block in the copy image part right at the end, game was simple yet challenging. Sure the clock thing is a bit annoying but with a clock that small it's much easier just to put the hour hand right on the number as if it was on the hour. Oh and I never had to copy+paste either, I find that actually harder when it has to go backward anyways so I just memorize the number. My second and third tries were in the 2000s no higher than 2424 though, my first try.

"jirajohns" I HIGHLY doubt you score in the top 1 percentile in IQ tests and even if you do, those tests don't test knowledge, they test how much you and the guy who made the test think alike especially the ones on the internet. Most IQ tests have questions in which every answer could be correct depending on how you look at the question.

All that being said, I like this game, keep up the good work

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Great game

Awesome game! Very fun to play.
But, for that mesmorizing thing, you can join highlight the number and press ctrl + C. Then do ctrl+ V to paste it onto the thing..
Fix that please!

not bad

i'd only like the song

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Tickles the Brain, it Does...aye...

This is so simple, and yet it was put together in a genius way, quite Incredible if you ask me.

How bout you make another thats longer and more challenging........that'd be great..........

Loved it!

I really loved the simple style and feel to this game, and I love Wario Ware stuff, and this kind of reminded me of that. Great job! 5/5.

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Dec 11, 2008
9:51 PM EST
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