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Open your mind and prepare to exercise it. This is a challenging logic and memory game. Starts off easy, but gets hard. Are you up to the challenge?


A game me and ssjskipp started awhile back and FINALLY finished.


generally a good game

this is generally a good game. the only problem is the card when you have to memorize the numbers as there is a small exploit when you can copy/paste it into the next box. this could be fixed by changing it to images. anyway, the music fitted the game,the gameplay itself was challenging and aside from the exploit, it was overall great.

Good but...

This is well, the animations are nice and smooth, and the music is very chill. But the only thing negative is...its been done. Most of these games can be found on a certain game called Brain Age. Either then that, its good. Come up with your own ideas and it will be sweet!

Me Likey!

I agree with other reviewers, expand on this idea! I like it but there are only 3 things, 4 if you include the numbers can go forward and backward. Music is easy listening and the game makes you think a bit, always a plus.

2777 by the way ;)

1847 <3 i love this game.

i love this game. its so fun.

Lovely game

"I really liked that, it was very challenging, but not so much so that it would irritate you. I just have to ask, what is the music that is playing during it, and can I download it anywhere? Overall:
Good work mate!"

I believe its a mirrors edge remix, from the game soundtrack CD

Nice job there my friend, loved it.

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3.86 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2008
9:51 PM EST
Skill - Other