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Mind Cards

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If your having trouble viewing this game you may need to update to flash player 10!


Open your mind and prepare to exercise it. This is a challenging logic and memory game. Starts off easy, but gets hard. Are you up to the challenge?


A game me and ssjskipp started awhile back and FINALLY finished.

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Lol fun

Well here was a fun and sometimes cute game it has a nice attractive numbers game and that's basically what it is but I like the concept and idea of it all. Congrats on the awards that's always a nice thing some graphics could be more smoothed out but the whole idea of this game was what drives it's success so nice job there and once again on the awards props to you on a job well done I would love to see people make more games like this my score was not all that great so you have to be really good to get high numbers but anyways nice job

Some smoothed out graphics on some parts but it does fine as is


Pretty good game!

Good game, you should probably think of something else you could do with this, like IQ scores based up the percentage right that the person gets. It would not be hard since IQ is a ratio between mental age, and physical age.

2039 first time

one thing that I want that it doesn't have is a practice session (you can practice each type of card at different difficulty levels)

1847 <3 i love this game.

i love this game. its so fun.

this is a lot of fun.

its a good game to challenge yourself on. I got 3030. Id love to get in the top 100. One problem though, the clock. On some, the minuet hand would be on something like 15 and the hour hand would be directly on a number. That is impossible on a real clock, the hour hand would either be ahead of or behind the number, witch really threw me off a lot.