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Naruto CC 4

Version 0.9.5
- New Title Screen and Song
- More recolours
- Tobi Mask
- Rasengan (effect)
- Male/Female face patterns have been merged

Version 0.9.4 is complete (well like 90% but whatever)
- Added color variations for nearly every item! (recoloring 500+ things takes time)
- New Effects (Gaara's Sand)
- New Items (Sandaime Hokage Hat, Hidan's Scythe, Fuuma Shurikan)
- ALL village headbands have been added (also missing-nin versions)
- probably more
*Next update will include some new characters and songs* Enjoy this HUGE update!*

This is a beta only, there will be improvements in future releases.

Please notify me of bugs and feel free to suggest improvements. Enjoy Naruto Create A Character 4! I thank all those who supported this and helped to give me suggestions in my earlier post!

I will be adding the other characters when I have time. Sorry for the insane gap of time between releases, truth is I didn't work on it 24/7.

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Oh god we used to play this in the IT room all the time back in 2010 <3

Rika Kurenai
Hidden Waterfall (formerly)
Kurenai clan

this is a good game but it just makesme cry and im sitting here listening to the music crying because my boyfriend will never be as sexy as naruto is and he is fugly. oh well ... he is kawaii so it's fine.

Abilities:Sharingan,summing jutsu,sage mode,Rinnegan,tenseigan and curse mark.
Jutsu Elements:Lighting,water,wild,wood.
Village:Hidden Leaf
Story:Pedro is ninja of the clan uchiha wen he was a Kid.He trained with his father wen he was genin.
We he gone out to go the trained grounds wen he got home his father were murderer.
So he leave the clan and gotted to hidden leaf village.
Naruto have seen Pedro and trained him to become a strong ninja.
Pedro became stronger and achive:sharingan,rinnegan and other abilities.Wen he was adult he became a jonin.
And he likes to fight strong people.

So yeah this is an incredibly long story but it's very well written and a great spin on the Naruto series-a reanimation Of Kaguya Ottutski. If you decide to read it I hope you enjoy; I put my heart into this alternate but similar Naruto dimension.
Maburo Uchiha (Son of Kotaku Uchiha and Havari Hyuuga [half-Hyuuga half-Kaguya])
-Abilities: Shikottsumakyu, Sharingan, Byakugan, Cursed seal of Hell (Sasuke's wings, Kimimaro's tail-the strongest cursed seal Orochimaru invented)
-Reincarnation of Kaguya Ottutski, two years younger than Itachi (yes, this is why he's so overpowered I know he's too much ;) )
-Half of dark Kurama was sealed inside him at the age of 4, the other half inside Minato Namikaze. After this happened, his mother became outraged at what the village had done to her son and left the village with her son, abandoning her Uchiha husband and clan. She then decided to live with her father's clan near the mist, the Kaguya.
-Affinities: Wind and fire style
-Extremely skilled in taijutsu combined with gentle fist, sharingan, and his thin double-edged sword
-Long white hair that shields his left eye, the customary nobility dots of the Kaguya on his forehead, above average height (6'1 upon maturity)
Growing up in the same cage as Kimimaro, he viewed his solely Kaguya cousin as a younger brother and looked out for him against the cruelty of their clan. Upon their assault on the mist village, the two were separated and Maburo began to wander the outskirts of the Mist, stealing food from travelers and farmers. On one particular day, approximately 2 months after his separation from his cousin Kimimaro, Maburo came across a group of leaf ninja taking a break in the woods and crept up on them to snag some food and leave. Unluckily for him, Hiashi Hyuuga was among the leaf ninja and spotted Maburo with his byakugan before he could even get close to their camp. Once seeing Maburo's grey, pupilless eyes he confirmed him as a Hyuuga. He asked if the boy's name was Maburo to which the boy, upon being caught by ninja with far more battle experience, admitted to who he was. Hiashi and the other ninja then escorted him back to the village where he resided with the Hyuuga for a year before entering the academy at the age of 9. In one year, he graduated and became a three-man squad with the 12-year old graduates Izumo, Kotetsu, and his Uncle (and now sensei) Hiashi Hyuuga. Years pass, Maburo obviously becomes stronger than Izumo and Kotetsu, being the only one to pass the chuunin exams at age 11, beating Deidara decidedly in the final match. Two years later, after creating his own just the inferno blade (compresses fire on the hand to make it a semi-solid fireball controlled similarly to the chidori) the Hyuuga rejects him for the tailed beast within him and his decision to become a black-ops, fearing Danzo may use his Uchiha blood to his advantage and have him spy on the Hyuuga. After being effectively divorced from the Hyuuga clan, he asks Itachi-a fellow anbu and Maburo's cousin-if he can move in with the clan, to which the clan gladly obliges, admiring Maburo's strength and potential as being on par with Itachi's, the pride of the clan. By this time Maburo is a jonin-level Anbu and has strength comparable to Asuma. He is then sent on a mission with Shizune, Itachi, Torune, and Hiashi to stop some rogue ninja from wreaking havoc in the land of fire. While on this mission, Maburo expresses his animosity and feelings of betrayal to Hiashi who responds that that the Uchiha is untrustworthy and a danger to the village. At this, Maburo's usually calm demeanor changes as the man he once considered a father expresses his indifference and dislike to his nephew and former pupil. Mauro strikes at Hiashi, and the two break out into a full-on battle which lasts a total of two minutes until Maburo knees Hiashi in the chest and protrudes a bone out of his knee into his uncle's stomach. Mauro then backs off and expresses his regret at hurting his uncle and begs Shine to heal him which she does immediately. However, despite his apologetic attitude this battle changes a lot for Maburo. After all, he believes his Kaguya bloodline may be entirely wiped out and now the Hyuuga father-figure, along with the rest of the clan, have entirely rejected the youth. They complete the mission and don't say a word to the third homage about the fight the two Hyuuga engaged in. However, this opens the eyes of everyone on the mission to a scary fact: Maburo has surpassed the leader of the Hyuuga at the age of 15. Another year passes, Maburo opts out of the Anbu black ops and begins going on missions as a jonin. One night, Maburo comes back from Ichiraku ramen to the Uchiha clan's residence to find everyone in his clan to be dead. He uses his byakugan to find Itachi and asks what has happened. Itchy explains to him that he was sorry about what he had to do, unsheathes his blade, and runs at Maburo who creates a wall of bones to fend off the attack and runs to the village to warn Sasuke of what has happened. However, their paths cross unknowingly, and Maburo comes back to the Uchiha residence 45 minutes later to find Sasuke unconscious and Itachi gone. He brings Sasuke to the village's hospital and heads out to live in the woods for a week and contemplate what his next move is now that he has truly lost everything. A week passes and Maburo shows up at Sasuke's apartment to inform him that he is leaving the village. When Sasuke asks where he will go Maburo informs him he met a man on a mission who may be able to give him a purpose. A few days later, Maburo tracks down Orochimaru and meets up with his cousin Kimimaro. Having been reunited with the closest thing to a real family he'd ever know, Maburo decides to stay with Orochimaru and Kimimaro to train. Mauro has no desire for vengeance on Itachi-he simply wants his life to stabilize and has nothing but indifference towards his older cousin. One day, Orochimaru tells Maburo of a princess who was the originator of chakra. When Maburo asks why he has been told this old story, Orochimaru replies that he believes Maburo is the reincarnation of this princess and is bound to fight with the reincarnations of Ashura and Indra someday and therefore Orochimaru wishes to give him a gift. At this, Maburo resigns himself to the cursed seal Kimimaro and the Sound 5 had told him of. Orochimaru bites Maburo's left hand and inflicts him with the cursed seal of Hell, the second state of which is a demonic combination of the Heaven and Earth cursed seals. Soon after the Sound village invades the Leaf during the Chuunin exams. Mauro leads the masked sound ninja in taking down the Sand's troops successfully and returns to the sound to check on his cousin before the fighting is over, much to Orochimaru's displeasure. Maburo explains that he only truly cares for Kimimaro and himself and everyone else should be grateful that he chooses to stick around. With power that exceeds the entire sound 5, and even rivals Orochimaru's, Maburo has gained freedom to do practically whatever he wants as long as he assists Orochimaru in his greatest needs. Maburo, under order by Orochimaru, returns to the village one night before team Kakashi goes on a mission to the rain village and, basically, beats the living shit out of Sasuke in the woods at night. His goal is to get Sasuke to leave the village and go to Orochimaru, so after beating Sasuke practically senselss he tells his cousin that if he couldn't stand a slight chance against him he would never be able to beat Itachi. He then departs and returns to Orochimaru. 2 weeks later, the sound 4 is sent out to retrieve Sasuke. Mauro is not present at Orochimaru's fort. Instead he left on his own accord to witness the progress of the sound 4 unseen. Once he's been sealed in the coffin, Maburo uses his byakugan to watch the sound 4 from a distance while being careful to stay downwind of Kiba and Aakamaru and just of of reach of Naji's byaakugan. After Neji fights Kidomaru and passes out, Maburo grabs Kidomaru's unconscious body and seals him in a helping coffin similar in appearance but not function to Sasuke's. He does the same after Sakon and Yukon are taken down by Kankuro, and again after Kimimaro passes out after the fight with Gaara. All 3 are healed and Maburo begins giving Kimimaro medicatin for his illness which he found while out on his own seeking out the assistance of magic men and healers across the nations. He also meets another woman, Barata, and elderly medical ninja/witch with the ability to permanently revive the dead with the use of a bit of flesh. Mauro presents her the hand of both Zabuza and Haku, threatens to kill her with the assia=stance of the other 3 sound ninja, and she obliges. Mauro then seeks out Guren of the crystal style, Mei of the Marble style-who uses the minerals of the earth to create marble and weaponize it against his enemies-Sotaru Indikito, born with the Rinnegan-Michiko (of the vines), a science experiment of Orochimaru's with the wood style that turned out more successfully than Yamato-Kanji Hyuuga, a young member of his clan with an affinity for swordsmanship, water, and lighti=ning style ninjutsu-Gozu of the earth style, Yuukimaru with the ability to control tailed beats-Mara of the Nara clan, and an assortment of other skilled, uniquely talented shinobi. His goal is simple: to restore the world to how it was when his descendant, Kaguya Ottutski, ruled it. As her ancestor-and more importantly the reincarnation of Kaguya-Maburo saw it as his duty rather than his desire to rule the world as she once did. He plans to take down the Akatsuki, disband the shinobi world, and rule as a king of the ninja world. I know theres a lot of typos in here lmao thats assuming anyone read this far. But hey, its late and im bored and i love to write. No regrets. If you took the time to read this whole story youre crazy and i lov eyou haha peace naruto fans

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4.77 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2008
4:30 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up