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Hey, here's my first flash.

A few things that may be a little unclear.

1. It is supposed to look like it was drawn by a child, so please don't blam it for that.
2. The thing that falls from the sky is not a large gray fish, It's a bomb
3. It is short and has no audio, because it is my first try. Go easy on me for it!

I now know how to stop the video thanks to megagabe, so it's no longer playing on a loop

Also, I will be adding a submission in the action genre in a little while that actually has decent art.

I hope

update 2
has a play button.

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Good start!

Hey, the three of us just watched this! Very nice. Granny Wendy especially liked the transitions between the different stages of human (as opposed to just cutting between them). Grandpa Steve mentioned that Catharine still thought the bomb was a gray fish, but she was just as happy with that anyway.

Good to see you learning how to integrate Actionscript into it as well. I'll PM you the address of a website I found very useful back when I was fooling around with Flash. Hope to see more from ya!



okay, but this is just crap!!!

needs audio

i thought it was good for your first flash, keep it up and keep improving your skills

needs moar audio

I liked the idea but it needed some soundz!

i know how you feel

your not alone i've had flash for a while and i still can't do good enough.
however i know how to solve your problem.
on the last keyframe, type something like the end with replay underneath it.
then click on the text and press f8 and convert to button then type in the main timeline actions (f9)


this means it will stop on whatever frame you aplied it to and will not continue
then right click on the button saying replay chose actions and then type


this means whenever you click on the replay button it will go to and play whatever frame number you typed in the brackets.
i hoped this helped :)

booarrg responds:

This was great, thanks.

I haven't added the replay button yet, but I will soon.

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Dec 11, 2008
11:25 AM EST