Danmaku Legend II

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Second shooter game from CCS

Warning: Contain Extreme Bullet Hell Scene
Unsuitable for those allergic to bullet hell.

This one is a mix of touhou and Space Wing(?)
enjoy XD

Note: Be sure to read the help document!
Survival tip inside!

p/s if someone can clear HARD mode No Continue, he/she must be a touhou guru...XD

edit: check out some youtube video game play:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=D2tT-A3eImk

edit 9.11.02: The new Legend 3 in the making, eta unknown. the game will coded in AS3 which killing me for learning... lol



i loved this game it is hard and fun to look at
on normal i could only make it to level 5 boss

Good Ole Days

This reminds me of the good old days back when I would spent countless quarters trying to beat games just like this and they were crazy hard. You needed ADD to beat them. Great Game.

Kicked my ass...

In the best way possible. I'm aware of the Touhou games, but I've never actually played any of them so this is my first step into insanity of this sort. I like the way it starts out, really simple, deceptively so, but it isn't long before the game just says, "fuck that," and goes all out on you. Bullets fly everywhere, enemies dodge nimbly around, bosses float calmly blasting captivating yet deadly patterns of bullets straight up your ass while you're left trying to make sense of the mess. Excellent stuff.

CLOUND responds:

Thanks for Apriciate and...

Goddamn you light blue bullets.

Now, I play Touhou a whole lot, and I can say your game reflects it nicely, except... PUT IN SOME DARK BACKGROUNDS! White+Light blue=near invisible.

I ended up dying at least 10 times solely because I couldn't see the blue bullets. Also with bombs... Yeesh. You could breeze through the game just spamming bombs. Reminds me as though Touhou 10-Mountain of Faith.

Also loved the bit with the "You blow me up? Have a bullet storm" enemies in stage 4. That reminded me of Yuyuko&Satori's stage.

Good game, but a few tweaks could make it even better.

CLOUND responds:

Hi, Most of Stage 4 enemy are mimic form "Perfect Cherry Blossom - TH07" enemy
Which will let you eat some firework when you beat them.@@

A big improvement!

I think that you did a much better job than Space Wing. Designwise, the player crafts look much better, but they still are in need of improvement as far as looks. Enemy designs, on the other hand, are rather ugly (especially that tank-like enemy). I think that you need either one of two things:
1. A better machine designer.
2. Improve on your own design skills.
Also, have some scenery in the stages; flying around in space is repetitive. For your bosses, when they get weakened to the next phase; don't just have them change attack patterns, have some of the outer parts fly off. If you did that for your next space shooter, that would be great.
The music may not be something to win awards, but it isn't obnoxious or droll. I noticed that you used the stage clear theme from Blue Wish Resurrection; why didn't you credit x.x, the company behind it? I liked how you used sound effects from various independent computer games which need to be promoted more often. And now, the gameplay: It is just like the arcade games, only that you don't get killed as much on easy difficulty (something that bullet hell/DonPachi space shooters really need). You gave the player three ships instead of one, which is a plus; and I really liked that 1up bar as well. My only gripe is the lack of extra bomb powerups, which keeps this from being better than Metal Wrath.

What I like about this game:
-Ship Variety
-Decent music
-Good enemy attack patterns
-Good sound effects
-No Bugs

What I don't like about this game:
-Grammatical errors, you should have fixed them.
-Lack of level scenery/variety
-Ugly enemy design
-Graphics could have been better

Overall: In spite of it's flaws this game will get an eight out of ten.

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4.19 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2008
8:28 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight