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Little Aviator

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I guess with all the request, Now I have to make a sequel :). But first, I must finish my schedule projects before I come back to this. Anyways, that was just a quick update after reading all the reviews and pms

*Thanks for the daily award you guys

* Thanks for the front page Tom! And thanks to all the voters on newgrounds

Let me clear things up really fast. This is not actually based on the great Howard Hughes. I just used it as an name because I wanted to keep the aviator theme going by adding that little reference. It is NOT based on Howard Hughes


Let me give you guys a quick run down of where I got the idea for this story. When I was a little boy, my mother would read me this poem about this kid who dreamed of following in his hero's footsteps. Everyone as a child had dreams about becoming someone they looked up to or thought was really cool. Some might want to be astronauts... or a hero of some kind... However, the boy in this story wants to be an Aviator

So that's where the basic idea came from. I took a tiny bit from my life and applied it to this animation. I want to thank Deven Mack (also known as D-mac Double) for doing the voices of the little boy Howard Hughes and his father Jonathan Hughes. Francine Louise did the voice of Laney Hughes, the boy's mother. She nailed it in like two takes. I'm glad to be working with these voice actors yet again. It was tons of fun

Andrew Sinclair, a really talented musician, created the musical score for the animation. I didn't want to rush him because I felt like if the music was bad, then it would just ruin the submission. However, he did a bang up job on the music in this piece and hopefully I'll be working with him again sometime in the future. He really needs to be doing this for money like Cambo said because this guy is amazing :)

This is the first animation I have ever done using a tablet. For the backgrounds, I used Corel Painter X and Flash was used for the animation and effects (such as snow). This story is really close to my heart, so I hope you guys enjoy it. I started this on the week of Halloween and finished two day prior to today. Anyways, like always, I'll be reading all the reviews and trying to reply to everyone of them,

Running Time: 2 minutes

Video clips used in this movie are from King Kong, the original 1933 version created by RKO pictures



its was good animation and all but the whole aviator thing was pretty crappy but all and all "Bravo"

im sorry but that was HORRIBLE

bad voice acting, bad animation! and it goes absolutely NOWHERE! a kid gets a plane and has a flashback!

im sorry, but i hated this, it was cliched, unorigional and sappy for no real apparent reason, and it didnt go anywhere, the kid wants to be an aviator... so? why should i care? what have you presented that would make me care about this child?

listen before people go deleting my post because i was one of few who didnt like this... lets look at a SIMILAR post, by Vinnie Veritas, and im talking about Papalote++ so people know...

similar story, about a kid who wants to "fly" but the kid doesnt talk about wanting to be an aviator, he goes and does it, we already care about this character because we can see the passion and kejones thats hes got to make his dreams a reality. trouble is not EVERY dream comes true... thats what he learns; in this we only learn "its ok to have a dream" i think... was that what you were going for? isnt that a little weak? or maybe its just a kid who has a dream to fly?

how can we relate to this child at all? he accepts a present from his dad with little to no graditute, and then he mourns over his dead mom, who probably died in a plane crash anyways...

heres how i would have done this:

go a step further after he has the flashback it goes to him only hes the aviator, nonchalontly navigating a beaten up old zepplin...

this is a very small way to add a bit more depth to this overwise see-through plot-line...

showing as the aviator shows he isnt just a dreamer, but a doer, and showing how hes achieved his dream is even more meaningful, because seeing that its not just a shiny new plane, its not something his dad gave to him, its something he earned, he built it, that shows comitement...

i didnt like the animation, well.. i didnt like MOST of it... i liked the seen with king kong because its un-obvious... if youd picked "alive" i would have broke out laughing, anyways, it seemed plain... like, its all right, it gets your point across, but if thats whats holding this thing afloat if you'll pardon the expression, then im afraid the whole thing will just crash and burn...sorry

i HATED the voice acting, considering whats being said, you could have well done without it... why? honestly why did you have voice acting? this movie would have been MUCH more potent without it, even if a little on the flavorless side...

the kids whiny voice bugged the heck out of me, and the adults do little more...

and whats the connection with christmas? i cant make sense of that at all...

sorry, keep trying... theres the begginnings of something there, but thats it


There's some debate, but overall people find this review helpful
KartuneHustla responds:

Please dont delete this review anyone

hmmm... well im glad you took the time out to review it. The reason why didn't make it longer was because i knew alot of frame by frame would have to be done, so i went a route to where you watch it and whatever you interpret from what you see is what you gain from the story. The less you show the better right. If i had showed him growing up, it would kind of make you go... well, i saw that coming. The ending of this leaves it open to possibilities to question yourself. And its good because it seems you are questioning yourself alot. I dont understand the gripe about the animation. Did you not like the art or the fbf? What didn't you like about the animation?
If you didn't like the voice acting, well i can't really do anything about that. I choose to put in voices for the main fact that i wanted to have him go out side to fly his plane. If he did it silently, it wouldn't do much for me to have him just run out there after watching king kong. It just felt flat for me without the voices.... Before i started i thought about doing it without voices, but it didn't feel right.
Building the airplane was something that i thought about, but the character i had in mind was way to young to be able to do this and the time period isnt right for that. It wouldn't make sense to have a kid build a motor airplane that can fly when there was barely any out at that time. The reason for the time period too was because i wanted a reason to have king kong in there just because the ending is so great and when the airplanes take flight you feel so much suspence... and also i wanted Howey to wear knickerbockers.
Anyways, thanks for the review

i dont like this

no ofence dude but i dont like it good tryso ill give you a 2/10

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Dec 10, 2008
3:02 PM EST
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