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4.40??????? if this movie gets in the top 50 of all time list on the flash portal, i'm deleting this from newgrounds

4.37 please zero bomb the crap out of this

4.36???? stop giving this movie good scores i don't want this to be my highest rated submission. please ok

edit: 4.25 my data continues to climb, however it looks to be peaking (???)

edit: 4.20 i am at a loss for words

edit: why does this movie have over a 4.1? you voters are retarded

edit: why does this movie have approx. a 4.0? you voters are kuhrazee

made <24 hours for english project


EDIT: As reminded by ChemicalVengence, and referenced from section 2.1 of the flying spaghetti monster page on wikipedia, PIRATES DO NOT CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING! THEY HELP DECREASE GLOBAL WARMING! CARRY ON THEN!


Well, it's in the Top 50 now. I hope you don't delete it, as it is a very good cartoon at least IMHO. Trust me, I have seen a lot more crappier things submitted that have gotten on the Top 50. I appreciate you showing they lyrics to the song. I sincerely did not know all of them until now. That "Captain Planet" is a pretty cool song too.

I'm not really a fan, I just think that's cool music. Good thing you managed to win an award of some kind. I like to make jokes about pirates in that sense as well. I was afraid it was going to be an infinite loop at first. It actually doesn't even show the whole song.

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Awesome as it looks!

Well, the draws were plain and simple, but it's funny so that's the point.

The way of using the song of lazy town and put it on the internet, you get this.

Anyway, nice animation, nice idea, nice flash, T'm hoping to see more of this kind of stuff.

By the way, from were is the girl sprite? Seems familiar.

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Starogre responds:

may, from guilty gear xx accent core, 2d fighting game. she uses anchor and dolphins and shiz

love it

the scisor hand instead of a hook, and the spatchula, funny! liked the art, cute, loved the dont know what put here, ok woulda been a ten but i soooo dislike the captain planet theme song, sorry:}

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Starogre responds:

does it haunt you in your sleep?

very nice

That was definitely one of the more interesting uses of that song I've seen. You even managed to stick May and Captain Planet in there. The art and animation itself fits nicely with the child show aspect of the song too. Whatever you do next should be fun to see.

Starogre responds:

what i do next won't be crap either :)

thanks for the review though! may's dolphins are so freaking annoying but then again i use eddie

This has a pretty good message in it.

This had a good message but i just think that song was a little too unneccesary. Piracy is a SERIOUS matter not to be fooled with with some little kid pirate song. All just to say keep up the good work(most of it anyways lol jk)and leave out the kiddish cartoons please!

Starogre responds:

sorry kiddish cartoons are the easiest to animate in a short time! haha thanks though.

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Credits & Info

4.48 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2008
2:14 PM EST
Music Video
  • Daily 3rd Place December 11, 2008

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