Fly Through Space

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This is not a game; it is simply a toy. You can change course with the mouse. For those of you who saw what I uploaded yesterday (very similar to this because I made four of these toys at once) I would have uploaded all of them at once but for the cap on portal submissions.

This was written in AS3 and takes place on a single frame.


Like you said, it's a toy, not a game. But experimenting is how people learn. Keep up the good work and make cool stuff.

decent game (toy)

i see where you coming from it is a game/ toy i wouldnt consider it a game at all myself butits marked as a game so what every. it was cool for only a few minuts so im only giving you a 6 for the inablity to intertain but im adding another star because it ran pritty smooth so have fun with this 7 :)
o and dude grow up NO ONE CARES ABOUT TEDDY! if i die tonight then i would sit up there on some randome ass could be puffy cloud and posting it to on every lame blog i could find but untell then stop wasting space with pointless spam....

Not much of a game.

People like games with goals, and this had none. Sorry.

shaymus22 responds:

If this was a game, which it's not (as clearly described above) it might have goals.

Done before....

I agree with "poison-bananas" as this as done before and it is pretty pointless even if it was just a toy.

shaymus22 responds:

Toys are pointless, so by definition shouldn't that be expected? If it has a point it's a game, not a toy.

O.o again

Well, similar to your other game, however much better, and more interesting. I agree that you could add graphics, and maybe make it a full-fledged game, where you fly through a forest, or a canyon, or even through space, and try to avoid trees, rocks, asteroids, etc. Really nice start though!

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2.70 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2008
5:59 PM EST
Gadgets - Other