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S-RPG PSP Adaption 11.0

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Author Comments

-Arrow keys to move
-Click a button to do the action indicated on it
-Keep your Health and Money above 0 at all costs

I've been continuously updating my PSP RPG, and I've decided I've made enough updates to resubmit it instead of the onslaught of updates I've been giving the old versions over and over. This submission deserves another go on the portal, no doubt about it.

Before you go off ranting on how this isn't as good as the real Stick RPG, know this: The memory capacity for the PSP's internet browser is about 1 MB, so I had to be very careful on what I did, and how I compressed it. Also, even though I had a lot of space left, I left it at this because A) It would run faster, because even though it would run at 1 MB, it would be slow, and B) I'm not that good with Actionscript YET. In the game, you have everything you did in my PSP RPG Special Edition, except now you run around to those different places in which you do things. Also, you can buy the newspaper, fashion magazine, brass knuckles, and a hamburger, and you can get into a bar fight! You'd better appreciate this because the original .FLA's of my previous PSP RPG's mysteriously disappeared, so I had to re-create this from scratch! More things that have been added: Better graphics, analog stick movement, and a better audio track! Enjoy! And now...

-To download, visit this site and download it (Remove any spaces):
http://www.freewebs.com/h ork-bajir/updates.htm?blo gentryid=4487367
Remove the space in hork-bajir and in blogentry.

Onto the PSP:
-Connect your PSP to your computer via USB
-In the folder CONTAINING the folder labeled PSP, create a new folder labeled "Flash"
-Drop the raw SWF file into that folder

To play on the PSP:
-Open your Internet Browser on the far right
-Cancel the internet connection
-Insert in the URL:
NOTE: If you changed the name of the game file, change it on the above URL.

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Dude This Is Great

Almost as Addictive as the Real Stick RPG!
Good job, just needs better graphics... Anyway I loved it especially the bar fights lol always been a faviorete! Good work!

Kwing responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! As for the graphics, remember that this is a PSP platform I'm using, which in particular is a very picky system. Even if you're using a big memory stick, that doesn't effect the PSP's RAM, so every frame has to be kept relatively low memory. The outside bit pretty much had me on my toes, as it was so graphic intensive for the small system it was intended for.


I think this game is pretty good but overall there is really no goal to it. Or maybe I just missed it?

Also when you walk to the corners or any of the surrounding barrier and just keep pushing forward, you eventually just walk out of the town. Its not a big deal because you can get back but I would still fix it. Overall its pretty fun.

Kwing responds:

Your goal is to complete all of the achievements under View ID, and to get all of your stats to Godly. It's partially a secret to how each achievement is made, though. Unfortunately, there's no reward for completing them. You can pretty much do what you want from that point on, though.

I knew about the wall glitch. That's why I put in the Home button.


It was a good concept with good gameplay. Things that can, and will improve teh game is:

1.) No game over when you are out of money, just make it that you can't buy things.
2.) No game over when you are at 0 health. Just make it that you are too tired to do anything.
3.) If there is something that you can do with the graphics, that would be awesome.
4.) Job improvements, like getting a raise or a promotion.
5.) Should start with some stats which are customizable at the first.
6.) Better education/gym choices so you pay more for a better education/workout. ups the stats faster, noticed that charm is REALLY easy to increase.

I liked the stat rating (Awful, bad...etc). These are just some ideas/suggestions.

Kwing responds:

Here are my responses in chronological order to your suggestions:
1.) If I did that, it would be nearly impossible to die!
2.) If I did that AND the above, you WOULDN'T be able to die!
3.) "If" is right. I try to keep my PSP games under 1 MB, and even that's pushing it, as many people have VERY small Memory Cards.
4.) I don't know how to do that, but you DO gain money based on your INT.
5.) Sorry about that, I didn't know how to do that, and also felt it would be good if you started from scratch. Additionally, making your name "K-Dro" will give you 1,000,000,000 in money, stats, and your level.
6.) Charm is needed in large amounts for you to be able to do anything with it; it is helpful when buying experience and getting experience from bar fights. So it should be easier to get. As regarding working out and studying, you can get half of the INT for a little less of half of the price by reading the newspaper in Mega-Low-Maniac. Brass Knuckles will increase your strength but not your maximum health, which can be useful in bar fights, as your opponent has the same maximum health as you. However, you still won't gain maximum health through it. Basically, I have what you asked for, but I admit I was unclear about what things did in Author Comments.

Thanks for everything!

EDIT: I have updated it. The only way to die now is to lose in a bar fight.

Pretty good! 8.9

Even though there are some kinks (bullet moves with you when defending stick corp, when a diagonal is used you don't go through the walking animation, etc.) its a reasonably good game. Plus, you can play it on a PSP! Thats a reasonably new concept for games, i mean you don't see that very much. I'd like to see better versions of this, and other games.

Kwing responds:

I didn't feel like using Linkage with the Lawyer Attack minigame, plus I didn't want a player shooting off multiple bullets at a time, so I decided to do that.

The diagonal walking isn't a problem, because it's intended for the PSP, which, in all honesty, can't register two keys being pressed at once.

If you want more PSP games, check out www.pspflashgaming.com or look at jfig111.newgrounds.com
I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

Better graphix pleaseee

Other than that,you 're doin' great.

Kwing responds:

Thanks for such a high review! As I said to tigger448, graphics are supposed to be simple.