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Hello world! :) This is my first flash game. Feedback welcome--if not for this one, then the next one. :)

Click on an intersection to rotate the ice blocks clockwise; Shift-click to rotate the ice blocks counter-clockwise.

Connect 3 or more ice blocks of the same color to clear them.

New ice blocks grow periodically off of the old ones (see the timer in the bottom right). If the Ice-9 grows _past_ the edge, all is lost!

Note that black ice blocks are immobile and can not be destroyed.

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but I found the block movement controls so confusing and difficult that I gave up. You'd have been far better off going with drag and drop with a few rules as to where you can and can't drop. Yes, I know I'm opening myself to charges of idiocy - the old if you'd only spend two minutes figuring it out you'd see it works -- but my advice is: a players first experience with a game oughn't be frustration with such a basic element as control. Not to be a dick or anything, but its a crucial design principle.

kaolinfire responds:

I appreciate the feedback. I don't want to change the movement mechanic with this (maybe next version), but I'll keep my wheels spinning for a way to make the same mechanic more intuitive. :)

not bad, but has major flaws

the problem is the controls and the time limt come togather.
i mean you could either give it a simple controls like click on the item with the mouse and then click where you want it to go replaceing other blocks,

or leave the rather coplicated controls and get rid of the time limit, it's very hard to think with such coplicated contorls when you've got to be fast.

that's it, overall a nice little game that could do good with some improvment

kaolinfire responds:

Much appreciated. :)

heh fun....

Nice and original game...well at least I've never seen something like this, there could have been more animation, like maybe to rotate the bricks or something huh?

Pretty good overall though, I liked the art.

kaolinfire responds:

Yeah, I wanted to do a pretty animation on the blocks--I have a feeling that might have taken me as long as the rest of the game to pull off, plus I was worried that any time spent waiting for the animation to finish rotating would get in the way of actually doing the next rotation.

But something to keep in mind. Thanks! :)


Simple concept, good game. Liked the music.

Well not my stile

But the puzzle games can be fun too like this one it was a good game but you have to make the level jump with more time its like 10 seconds and you have the new level overall great game

kaolinfire responds:

What do you mean by make the level jump?

Clearing blocks will give your time a little boost, but it's meant to be pretty fast-paced. Then again, I've been playing it way too much, so it's kind of easy for me at this point ;)


Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2008
11:57 AM EST
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