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Sun & Flower

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Dec 9, 2008 | 9:21 AM EST

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Author Comments

This started as one of the assignments in my flash course, I took it home and developed it further. It's a simple little interactive movie for young kids showing how a flower grows from a seed. This was also an experiment for using the NG pre-loader.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Simple and good, maybe a K5 class somewhere will use it. The drawings good, I'm curiouse, how did you go about drawing them? did you make them on the computer, or draw them on paper and use a scanner? I want to start making simple flash animations for fun, but don't really want to use a scanner. If you did this good using only a mouse and computer program that's all I need to hear to get out and start practicing.

WeatherEAFWS responds:

yes this was done using the mouse. On my course my tutor taught us how to use the "trace bitmap" feature and also showed us how to use layers to "hand trace" an image n flash using the vector tools which is how i did the petals on the rose. I've got some good things out of flash recently with a little paciance (as you will see when i finish "Sun & Flower v.2.0"


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Puts ya in a good mood

I like this. It's a simple concept, but it's cute and if it's for young kids it definitely works to get the idea across.

I think to make it more interesting some simple soft background music would go good. Sound effects would make it more fun, but it'd probably survive without them.

There were some things that came to mind when watching this. For the seed, I think it'd feel natural if it fell a little faster. With clicking the water you could try something like a cloud appearing so then it's not just floating text. With the sun, that part is okay, I think there just needs to be a little wait from when the light reaches the plant and it starting to grow. Right now the plant starts to grow before the light reaches. Maybe a minor nit pick, but it's something I noticed.

Good stuff, good experiment. :)

WeatherEAFWS responds:

Thank you for the sudgestions, I'm not sure if many people take the comments and then go away and imporve their piece, but for this one at least I Plan too as I'm still relitivly new to flash.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good...

For an experimental this was very good! Even though I am fully aware of how a seed becomes a flower, I still thought this was interesting! And in the end, the flower was pretty!
Great experiment! You get glitter from me! :)

WeatherEAFWS responds:

Yay, glitter, thank you!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Lol ^ ^ nice preloader

I mean, very good, very interesting.

I liked the preloader and the shape tween was nice :)

of course i notice this was experimental and it was a good one!
try adding some sounds, or some background music, cause I can't really think of any sounds for a plant growing lawl!

WeatherEAFWS responds:

Sounds & background music, check! hehe The only sound i can remotly think of that could be a plant growing was a weird squirmy SFX that was used in the Creatures 3 game :S hehe


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Decent flash.

This definetly needs more stuff to get recognized. Try adding music, sound effects, background, more animation, more interesting buttons and maybe different flowers or something like that.

But at it's current state, it's not that horrible. The animation is smooth and not choppy and flower growth looks pretty cool. The whole interface is pretty boring though, so I can't give you more than 4/10 and 2/5. But still, not bad.

WeatherEAFWS responds:

Thanks, I appreciate the honesty, I'm seriously thinking about taking it and building it into somthing a bit bigger. As I'm new, figured I'd start at the begining, you know?