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Athiest Flipside

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Dec 8, 2008 | 11:02 PM EST

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Author Comments

I got the idea for this a while back, while I was chatting online to some randoms. They were relishing the fact they were douche's to various people who come to their door with a message. Much the same way I like being a douche to telemarketers. Anyway, It got me thinking, would they be any more sympathetic to people if they were athiests? And then the irony got to me so I HAD to do a toon about it. Hope it gets you guys thinking as much as it did me. Yay for the beauty of flipsides.

P.s. I know its not a very catchy title, but its the best I could come up with. 10 bruce bucks for anyone who can suggest a better one (Which I won't be bothered using anyway.)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

i still Loled

the voice acting was a bit off but i still love the flash!

you need to make another flash like this one with a naked guy. thats Epic win right there


Rated 5 / 5 stars


i love all of your toons, they are soo funny. And it may suprise others, but i am an atheist and i still found this funny, so...boot to the head! anyway, keep up the funnies!

IzakFlashMan responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and my other toons to =). If athiests didn't find this funny I would have failed epicly. Lol. Cheers for the review.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I thought this was hilarious and i'm an atheist. To be honest, I agree with MirthfulJolt's post. Too many athiests are created through angst and depression. To some, like me, we find the answer to god through thought. For the longest time I wondered just WHY people believed in god... That's another topic soooo.... Like I said I thought it was hilarious and the audio was fine. Sweet.

(P.S.) That doesn't mean I don't like cracking a god joke or two when the opportunity comes along.


IzakFlashMan responds:

Ha ha, cheers for the review. I assuming when you say spaghetti your alluding to the illustration of the spaghetti god in the sky which no one can prove? ha ha. If not then I just sound like I'm rambling nonsense.
I also think its cool everyone can share a common bond and laugh at themselves. Despite of beliefs. As long as its all in good fun. And maybe a wee bit thought prevoking.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Trouble... Nice!

I do not know if I should be offended or not. Whichever goes, It was funny, esp. Bigfoot (?) dashing by. I doubt most people would be any more sympathetic, people hate the evangelicals that come because they are pushing their beliefs, it would be the same if an atheist was doing it, or a political campaigner.

If there really was an atheist out there that was an atheist because they had an 'absence of belief' (rather than the customary beliefs, in like, descent w/ modification, or materialism, or, like, something like that) they would be the annoying rivals of the door-to-door religious solicitors. Those prissy little freaks bashing the religious flashes... You have met the "I am an atheist 'cause God hates me and/or I like/am gay people and/or I believe in nothing but my razor's love." stereotype that, sadly, makes up the majority of the online atheist community now, and stars in your flash. Nice!
I have never met an atheist, who was so due to beliefs in science, that attacks the religious w/o provocation. Especially since most religious folk are catching on to Darwinism anyway, while still retaining religious beliefs, which totally rocks our world. (That and them allowing us to abort babies :) Hahaha!)
& People do make fun of atheists. A lot. Most of this is on television or in print or in websites unlike NewGrounds. See, most people on NewGrounds, and the internet overall, are screaming liberals, and well... That explains that. You can only attack a minority if you ARE that minority by their standards. And these are the people who do not go to church, pray when it suits them, are anti-religious when it suits them... Santa in the school play? No way! Grandpa sick? Pray quick! .. Need an abortion. God who? Walking contradictions, and this is the majority of America and other post-IR societies. So, what can I say but... rock on! Keep causing trouble, passion makes the world go round.

Figured I would make up for your lack of responses w/ a nice long one.

Score: same as others, simple cosmetic issues. Liked the concept, maybe make a longer sequel where you fix the audio and overall flash. Seeing as you are the only one w/ the balls to parody atheists... Maybe others are still afraid we will suck their blood?
You jerk! Tilt your head.

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IzakFlashMan responds:

I have met many an athiest in my time. Some are bastards, some are nice. The ones on the net are usually the bastards. But thats cause you can say whatever you like and not have to face the consequences of a punch in the face on the internet. Others are nice, people I work with, family members, Mates I hang out with. thats your average bag of people really. Take the good with the bad.
I don't actually see a lot of athiest mockery really. Where do you find it? PM me. Lol.
Cheers for the long review. ha ha. I was a little bit gutted at the lack of much review when I published it.
P.s. I promise I'll use my balls of steel to do more toons like this (Probably not a sequel though.)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice one.

No real complaints other than the audio ones that have already been stated.

I've also noticed that making fun of atheists is pretty rare on the net, but it seems there are many people annoyed by atheists bashing the faithful but choose to remain silent. I mean look at this score. It's got a good score of 3.48, yet only 7 reviews including mine. Go to one of the atheist flashes in the Religion collection, and watch pages and pages of atheists throwing insults, and on vids with much lower scores. In my humble opinion, there's an extreme lack of maturity and tolerance on their part.

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IzakFlashMan responds:

The stone throwing does seem rather one sided most of the time. But I guess most people wouldn't want to make fun of athiests for fear of getting the beat down. Who wants to voice their opinion when they know that people passionatly oppose it? Unless their trouble makers, ha ha.
Ya, I guess maturity goes down the drain when creativity stops flowing. I haven't seen a new decent Christian Jibe in ages. Everything I do see seems to be a rehash of what ever was last popular. "JESUS IS A ZOMBIE ROFLMAOAO," That sorta deal.
Anyway, cheers for the review, its cool to get a deeper perspective on everything.
(wow, by far my longest response ever.)