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Here is an attempt i made at making a madness video. i was recently addicted to madness and just decided to make a video. I WOULD have made the video bigger (almost a full film) but for some reason my FLA was deleted and the SWF remained. if anybody knows how to fix that, please tell me. Please Rate and Comment.



This needs a much higher framerate and to be longer but it's madness so I LIKE IT

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30001 responds:

thank you very much man!m i finally got a decompiler so now i can deccompile it and then continue working on it. the FPS is 10.5 if you want to know


nedds to be long try again

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30001 responds:

well i WAS a basic attempt.

well this was a very poor attempt

The animations was to choppy and didn't move to much. The explosion effects were not good at all. Sorry but this was a failed attempt

30001 responds:

well i tried

A start, if an overdone one

Madness flashes are dime a dozen here on Newgrounds. You're going to have to make a bigger impact with your flash to have it stand out. This is just another "guy A wants revenge on shady organization B" storyline, which is really week. The only difference is that this time he has a helmet.

The art is alright, but it may just be from a sprite sheet. The animation is jerky as well.

As for the .swf to .fla question - check your recycle bin. If it isn't there, you can just import the .swf into flash like you would any other file. That should do the trick.

Keep working. Once this is done you should try something non-Madness related. It'll do you good to work on original content with a more complex plot.

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30001 responds:

thank you very much. i checked all my files and the SWF is beyond me. as for non madness related flashes, check my Zombific attack movies.

a good beginning

it really captures the madness style in terms of animation, but there isn't enough gore. just my opinion.

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30001 responds:

i can live with that. im trying so dont worry.

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2.17 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2008
10:40 PM EST