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Where's the Clitoris?

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Author Comments

Here is a point and click mystery game in which you are on the trail to track down the elusive clitoris!

This game was made as a joke. It was based on a sex ed joke and I used a misleading thumbnail and title for the game to kind of parody a "sex sells" theme. :)


It's Very Elusive

A very nice pseudo film noir style lends itself well to this tongue and cheek mystery. I would have liked to see more done with the chosen style. No silhouettes in the fog, no gritty internal monologues and other staples of the genre are noticeably absent.

Beyond the under used visual style, the main problem with this mystery is the lack of mystery. The game was a little straight forward. Go here, do this. You're even told where to find the cash in case you happened to miss it. I'm not saying a hint system or something similar isn't bad, I'm just saying that there wasn't much to puzzle over.

Other than that the only issue was there wasn't enough game. Never a bad thing, by the way, when the complaint is for more game. Too short and lacking sound and a few other essential element holds back the possibilities.

Lets hope part 2 puts the pieces together.

I wandered around for a few minutes...

and no matter what I tried the game told me I couldn't do it. I couldn't pick anything up or interact with anything. The art is good but it should be a LOT easier to find things that you can do right away relatively easily. It's a good start but needs to have a higher reward to work ratio.

Whats with the clitoris?

I mean it makes no sense. You could have a perfectly reasonable game here. Sure the story could have a few twists in it, more interesting characters etc, but you have the basis for a decent puzzle game here.

Why ruin it by making the goal for the detective "To find the elusive clitoris"? Yes well done you used a naughty word. Do you expect that to impress me?

So basicly, if you want to improve it introduce a couple of characters that arent cardboard cutouts, You might want to look again at asking for a space bar after every action (it gets irritating) but above all Decide what your game is. If its a detective puzzle game give it a decent focus. If its an excuse to use words they don't let you say in school, don't go to the effort of making a decent game arround it.

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Basically, what you have here is the skeleton of a same. give it some flesh, a storyline, a little excitement. Some music would be good too, but just make sure it suits the theme you've chosen, which quite obviously isn't zombie slaughter, so I'd steer awar from Rammstein or Slipknot haha.

A plot, would be very handy, too...

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um ok

i don't know why this is rated suitable for all but it looks like it would be an ok game except for the constant having to press the space bar

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Credits & Info

2.45 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2008
10:11 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click