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Testing in flash 1

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I just got cs4 so I decided hey what the heck Imight as well test it out... >_< I reallydo lovethe program but I really REALLYneeda tablet LOLS This is just me testing it out so bare withme :P SONG BELONGS TO GACKT!!!! I <3 HIM!!! :D

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It was a lot better than I anticipated. I was expecting really really basic flash, but your very good at drawing and the animation was not bad at all either. Well done!

here was your problem

One there is no pre-loader so I thought is was frozen for a second.
- Add one
Second I loops and that is not cool man. Add some reason into this.
-The graphics are cool but it is useless when there is no meaning and there is no where to stop!
Third don't put your little test flashes on newgrounds.
-That's not what newgrounds is for.
Fourth rename your submission once it gets through.
- Because your not going to make it to top 50 with the name "my First flash", or "Testing in flash" etc.

Sakaru-Haruna-1 responds:

Thank you for the advice :P

Not too bad

Which Gackt song is this?

Sakaru-Haruna-1 responds:

Tsuki No Uta <3

Well done

For being a first it was nicely made, the lines were well placed, and the animation was smooth, all that was lacking was some real color.

Sakaru-Haruna-1 responds:

Thanks very much :D