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The 3 Second Collab

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===The 3 Second Collab===

Here Is The Long & Awaited For 3 Second Collab!

Collab's History:
The Collab Was Originally Created On March 13th, 2008 By Yoshi77777. After a Few Months He Ran Into Issues And That Forced Him To Be Completely Inactive. One Day, DarkSoldier Was Browsing Through The Collab Thread As He Was a Member of The Collab And Noticed That Yoshi77777 was completely Inactive But No One At The 3 Second Collab Thread Knew Why? DarkSoldier Had Then Contacted Yoshi77777 About The Collab To See What Was Going On And Yoshi77777 Had Said That He Had Ran Into Issues not coerning the collab. DarkSoldier Then Thought About Taking Over Leadership of The Collab With Yoshi77777's Permission. Yoshi77777 Then Granted DarkSoldier Leadership Over The Collab. DarkSoldier Ran Into Many Problems With The Collab And Was Almost Sure That The Collab Would Never Be Released But Thanks To The Great Members Of The Collab DarkSoldier Was Able To Accomplish What Seemed To Be Impossoble!

Some Of The 3 Second Collab Members Wanted To Share A Few Words:

My part came about when i was trying to do a serious artistic flash - then realized i didn't have enough patience to make it, and therefore made what i had created into a 3 second flash. I'm pretty happy with the result and hope it stands out, or stands up to the quality of submissions in this collab. Thanks for watching, well done DarkSoldier for fixing it all up together.

Cheers, Gaz.

It was a fun and challeging collab, I wanted to see what I could do. SO I gave it a shot!
There was a bit of getting used to doing all the fbf, and I was learning as I went along
with the collab. I just can't wait to see what will happen next! Anyways I don't know what
else to say, and you shouldn't be reading this...Watch the flash and enjoy!!

I had fun working on this collab and I hope that you enjoy it :)

I joined this collab a few days after I made my newgrounds account, and was really excited to be in it. This was actually the first time I've ever used flash before, and my work turned out pretty decent. Although i'm pretty surprised that i'm still in the collab because I haven't been to the thread in forever.

ARAE (Dougie484):
Despite their being some criticism of this collab in the beginning, i am extreemly glad i was able to work with a great group of people! This is my first real partial submission and it has been a great experience! I hope you enjoy the movie =D!

It was a great experience to participate in this collab. It was amazing how the expectation of the people was growing as the days passed. All the animators who participated in this (not only the co-authored, but ALL people who made a part) should be proud.

A lot can happen in 3 seconds as you are about to see, I should know!

DumbCook444 (DC444):
This collab has been really fun, especially working with the guys such as simple-line, shadow-1409, funkycaveman, and of course the leader of it all darksoldier. But this was the first ever collab i have been accepted into as a co-author. But i was in the credits of Sprite TV 2. Anyway i had a blast working on flashes, getting advice for fixing them and all the 6,7, months put into this was just fantastic. Enjoy the movie and be sure to invite your freinds cause this collab is gonna rock you mother freakin' world.

I had a lotta fun on this collab, and even more fun making the flashes i submitted. I'm also very glad i got to be co-authored, because i don't think I could pull off a solo project, as working by myself is too demanding :D. I hope my pieces were at least mediocre at best, that way i'll feel comfortable at night knowing I at least improved a little bit.

I Feel Like I Know What I'm Saying, When I Say That This Collab Took Almost Forever :P

Enjoy The Collab!
Sincerely, DarkSoldier & The Collab Members~

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This is indeed not 3 seconds each, as it is true what you said, Every part is 90 frames which is equivalent to 3 seconds. It's simple math. 1 x 30 = 1 second. 3 x 30 = 90 = 3 seconds..... howmany frames per second are there? if 30, you are right.


The quality of this collab was very low. No part was entertaining what-so-ever. But it is okay.

Try create more


most of this is not EVEN 3 secends....

DarkSoldier responds:

Every part is 90 frames which is equivalent to 3 seconds. It's simple math. 1 x 30 = 1 second. 3 x 30 = 90 = 3 seconds.


This was good, and sometimes fun, but the graphics were not so well.
3 second film does not mean you do them on 3 seconds.
It should be otherwise, like it's short, do your best.
That's why I'm giving this 4/10 2/5


Whale parts where by far the best. ;P