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2nd AnniversaWii

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Around about this time last year, I submitted a movie called "First AnniversaWii" to the Portal. It was incredibly rushed because I started its creation on what I believed to be the right date; however in actual fact it turned out to be three days after the initial European release.

This year, I decided to make a proper attempt at an animated Nintendo music video and after about a month of work it's finally complete. The concept is exactly the same as the last, but the art and animation is much improved.

So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax, and most importantly:

Have a happy AnniversaWii!

Technical Infomation:

Movie length: 2 minutes 5.5 seconds (125.5 seconds)
Scenes: 1
Number of frames: 2260
FPS: 18
Library items: 21
BG Colour: Black
Dimensions: 550 (Width) 400 (Height)
File size: 3.8 MB (3,843 KB)

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Though you forgot the SNES Lightgun.

SketchbookProtest responds:

Actually, contrary to popular belief, the Super NES SuperScope wasn't a light gun. It required a sensor on top of the TV to work, so it didn't sense the light of the sprites, therefore meaning that it wasn't a light gun. Although Nintendo did release the NES Zapper, which was a light gun. The main reason why I didn't use either of them however was because if I had included those accessories, I would feel it was my duty to use them all. Then It'd be like an hour long, which would kind of suck.


Thanks man

Cool video.
And you definetly picked the right song for it^^
I recognize:
1)Legend of Zelda: Overworld Theme
3) Tetris theme
4)Mario Brothers 3
5)Pokemon Blue/red/Yellow Bicycle Theme
6)Super Mario Land (Gameboy Classic) Theme ( World 1-1;3-1;...)
7)Super Mario World Level Ending

I would be thankful if anyone could tell me the second tune

thanks man!

straight to my favs

Truly a tribute

Just celebrating 2 years of the wii, god theyve been good years. Speaking over whcih nice video, it was clever and just sums up genuine joy of the wii and the good old days with the n64. Great flash.


Great art and Animation, and i loved the music!

Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2008
9:33 AM EST