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My second flash. After an eight month haitus due to a bad computer I decided to familiarize myself with flash again on a new computer, alongside practicing using sound effects and whatnot. Created while looking for inspiration at 2 in the morning. This was the result.
Six and a half hours.
1703 Frames
59 Layers


some insight

You'd be better off inspiring some sleep upon yourself. I'll pass on a 1 for the effort of animation and the style. Though your flash sadly appeals none at all to me.

Cold in winter

At first I didn't know what to think. The preamble takes a bit long, but once the story gets going it's truly chilling. It's not often you see people trying to tell serious stories, much less haunting ones.

There's a real problem visually. The art can't carry the story- the stick figures can't be taken seriously and lack the impact need to translate the plot into a visual story. And, a small gripe, the typewriter 'text' scenes are a little difficult. Give the viewer a little more time to read what was said and maybe put a highlight over the new portions of text to better direct the eye.

This was something good, and you should keep creating.

Needs improvement.

Good story line, but not so good animation. If you improve in that area, then you could have a great flash.


That is sick. I suppose the guy is talking to a dead guy though, so he can't be all there.

good idea

I find your story interresting, but I have a little recommendation to make: let the text showed a little longer or have it read "off camera". To make it easy, it's recommended that you let the text showed twice the time you need to read it. English is my second language and because it's a flash, there's no pause button to give me enough time to read it.
I'd too suggest you to create a replay button at the end, or insert the newgrounds loader at the beginning, just to not have an automatic loop.

You did a nice job for a second flash
*2 thumbs up*

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3.23 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2008
9:54 PM EST