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AuraCoreMusicLabs III - Bliss

Full Quality Version Available at Aura-core.com

Note - Aura Core was NOT involved with the creation of the song "Bliss", Winterwind was responsible for the Preloader and Author Cameo music only.

Tarienn - Some of our projects in that past had a scattered meaning to it. I think this project is a step in the right direction, in terms of all of us with one vision. Love isn't always beautiful, love can hurt you.

PheoRach - This project was one of the most interesting to work on, and the process, in turn, brought me closer to my team mates than ever before. For my first ever participation in a collab, I'm very glad I could contribute my efforts into this.

Theo Art - "As the newest, and youngest member of the group I really wanted to show I was worth my keep. This was by far the most embrasive project I've ever taken on, and these guys are great. They helped me overcome my doubts as and artist and believe in myself as a person."

Jeinu - It was interesting to pull all of the group's aesthetics into one cohesive piece, and out of all the animations I've ever worked on, this is the one that I learned the most on. I'm ecstatic to see this final project after all these months, enjoy!

Winterwind - Writing music is always rewarding, that's why I do it. But it's a different experience to compose music for a collaborative project. It makes the music reflect the creativity of all who were involved, and helps me better myself as a composer. That's what this project did for me, as well as helping me realize that the process of creating is almost as satisfying as the actual result. Although I did not have any contribution to the actual final product, I am very delighted with the result.

Notorious - This was an interesting experience and fun adventure in which several mishaps happened to me and my comrades but in the end we learned to work it out and learned the true value of friendship!


Splendid work team!

I love the way the video match up to the music. What I love the most is the music played for the preloader and cameo. GOD I those were AWESOME..! I wish I can hear the rest of it.

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Cracker Barrel

This makes me want to kill all the white devils and burn down their cracker barrel towns.
Solid animation, personally don't like the song but that doesn't take down the score at all... Great work keep it up.

bravo my man

i never give higer then a 6 on anything! but you that was like a movie of my life *sigh* i gota admit you got talent so heres your score all ten of em you deserve it! your somone who understands a person like me. and there mind.

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That was amazing.

That was so great. You all have a lot of talent. This deserves a better score, but keep up the good work.

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I smell front page

That was amazing!

Graphics, music- amazing...

Powerful meaning. The flash was like a FALCON PUNCH of amazement right in my gut, that makes me want to tear up for this flash...it was that amazing....

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4.24 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2008
8:03 PM EST
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