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I'm back! Yeah, I'm back with a puzzle game, but still, I'm back!

Okay, this starts out as a simple matching puzzle game. You have ten levels, each one with a time limit and an increasing quota.

How to meet the quotas? Every time you clear a level, you can choose a new power-up - new abilities, new rules to work with, and the ability to make more and easier combos.

After a few levels, it turns from a matching puzzle into a race of combos vs. time.

Use the mouse to play this. Click on the chutes to shoot the pieces, and read the rules in the game for more.

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Not an easy one.

A very nice game. When playing first time, the combos needed to be guessed from names, which is interesting. Overall 9/10 and 5/5.

A simple puzzle

Done completely in monochrome.

My score was 4,180,200

So disappointing when you beat the game and nothing happens!

You should make it so the player can stop how long he or she is in combo mode.

Have it so it says what the power ups do before you choose them.

I'll admit I have a slow computer, but there were times where the game ran really slow for me.

I liked the power ups--which made this game very addictive! The design was excellent! I liked how the descriptions of the power ups sounded casual :)

I don't think music would do too much to enlighten the game--it might make it obnoxious, so I wouldn't bother with music.

All in all great game!

Great puzzle game

I really liked this game.

The premise was pretty simple, but it worked. What really got me were the really good power-ups. Even though I had to guess what most of them did just by their names, I wasn't disappointed by any of them.

The only issue I had with this game was that it was a little short. If the game had a few varying board sizes/shapes, it would have a lot more game time.

If you make a sequel, I'd advise adding music. A great soundtrack can be the difference between getting front paged or forgotten. Also, it would be nice to see what power-up you can build up to, like a skill tier system where you can see the bonuses ahead.

My final score was 1,002,300.

It's pretty inventive and well done.

There's a bit in the middle where it gets easier before it gets harder, once you figure out which upgrades to get. I got through on my second try, w/ 822,600 pts. The sounds and graphics were pleasing and the puzzle is, like I said, inventive, with good power-ups. Good Jorb!

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2008
9:55 AM EST
Puzzles - Sliding