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Sputnik was the first man made object to ever be successfully launched into outer space. launched in 1957, it added a whole new demension to the cold war and directly resulted in the creation of NASA

learn about it by watching this flash film video because you don't know enough about this type of stuff

note: the sound you hear in the movie is the actual telemetry from the Sputnik satellite as it flew over head

edit: lol in my trojan war one people said it moved too fast and they couldn't read everything and I make all the frames longer in this one and people say its too slow


Very Interesting!

Some of it I knew, but there was some info that I didn't know. This is a very informative flash video. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

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Yoshio responds:

I will!

Lol, I love it when you make videos like this.

Crappy, yet funny, in fact, I burst out laughing at the radio part, good job man.

Oh, and I could read the trojan wars fine, and this was not too slow, these people are idiots.

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Yoshio responds:


I was afraid that the humor in this one was lacking, glad you found it funny anyway

its actually kind of interesting

but the beep noise was to dang annoying

Yoshio responds:

you have no taste in music

thanks for the review tho

Not perfect, but interesting.

Makes a change to have something factual on this site other than kitty kats and crap.
made learning the space race fun, haha!
Nice work.


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Yoshio responds:



Knew most of these things already, but still a nice little flash. The speed was okay overall, some frames were too long and some were too short but overall good.

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Yoshio responds:

timing is a real bitch ain't it?

gotta learn how to add buttons...

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Dec 6, 2008
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