A Very Retail Christmas

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For some people, Hell is pushing a boulder up a hill for eternity. For a few more of us, it's listening to the same music every minute for eight hours a day over the course of two months.

Created for Newgrounds' Holiday contest, and also because something needs to be done about those barking dogs.... REALLY.

24 fps

Edit: Thank you for voting me into the Christmas 2008 Collection!!! You guys rock!




DPSGryph responds:


or... an atomic disruptor beam... you know... Whatever...



No this time the music started sooner! Before Halloween in some places around here it was maddening! I couldnt believe it! Pissed me off! Thats exactly how I felt too, just wanted to shoot the f-in people that did that! aaah...it was nice seeing that ending. *hugs self*

DPSGryph responds:

Wow, before Halloween? That's just sick... Cruel and unusual. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

I fucking love you!

Those fucking dogs are pissing me off even now cause I got that fucking shit stuck in my head! ...

This flash hit's home for me because I wok 40 a week at safeway.

Good job man, funny shit with decent art and animation. Also, I don't know why but Black and White looked cool for the most part.


DPSGryph responds:

I love you, too, Man! That's what the holidays are all about; Loving people you don't know!

Err, maybe I'm thinking of the 1960's... Anyway.. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! I hope you think about the song at the end of the flash instead of the dogs the next time you're at work.

Peace, love and bad poetry!

Thank you seriously

I work retail and have been listening to xmas music for a good month and a half now. that is before hollaween. BEFORE. idk why people want it to snow a for one month out of the year since it makes conditions tearable and yet we have to listen to old dead guys having a gay olde time. that guy's lucky to be at the register cause the rest of the store is just a pain to deal with now. sorry for ranting it has a very simple message so black and white is more then exceptable and it makes the ray gun seem more out of this world at the end.

DPSGryph responds:

Yep! Sometimes the register IS the luckiest place to be. Sometimes... Ah! I'm glad you liked where i was going with the color scheme and the shooter. It's really more of an atomic disruptor. I could go into it, but it's all physics and applied atomic science. Unfortunately, they only give us 4,000 characters in these review boxes, so, I'll just have to say it's the Santatron Disintegrator-Mini 3,000. And believe me, you don't want to see the regular version. Let's just say that it's "sleigh-mounted" and requires a "splash shield." It's for bad little boys and girls, GoogleEarth satellites, and Rosie O'Donnell.

I have two uncles who complain about it every year

This is 100% correct. The industry starts this about November 1st and true it does not end officially till December 26 or in some crazy places January 1st. We recently were at the Macaroni grill and all the employees agreed with my two uncles. We actually got them to play Italian music instead while we were there. What makes me laugh is they played opera which my uncles also despise. I love it because I get a kick out of it.

The animation was okay but I would have expected to see some hair pulling and a little insane head banging by week 2 or 3. Not just the annoyed expression. You could have even had conversations about it with the customers who really are just as annoyed.

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DPSGryph responds:

I think it's awesome that they were ALLOWED to change the music. Most places, that's taboo.

The terrible thing about most public-service industries is that you can't show negative emotion. No running around the store screaming at the top of your lungs... No blowing raspberries at indignant customers... Nothing like that... I don't get it. Anyway, I chose to keep it down to simple facial expressions instead of exaggerated acrobatics.

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Dec 6, 2008
12:10 AM EST