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Full Title: That's Totally BS, Team Fortress!

Created for the RIT Anime Club, I've brought this stupid cute vid out to the web! What happens if you steal someone's sandwich without knowing about it? Also stay after the credits for a special performance!

The last installment of "That's Totally BS!" for a good while, because I'll be concentrating on my original works. I had fun making these.

Also, I'm helping out GamingAngels.com in their efforts of raising money for Child's Play. Click on the link on how YOU can help...or read the Director's Notes.
http://www.gamerdna.com /childsplay/ gaming-angels

Newgrounds version
-800x450 widescreen resolution
-With Firefox 3 and Opera's zoom in feature, you can watch it up to 1080p resolution or beyond!
-Director's Note

DeviantArt version (http://avalonknight.devi antart.com /art/That-s-Totally-BS-Te am-Fort-105537713)
-854x480 widescreen resolution
-With Firefox 3 and Opera's zoom in feature, you can watch it up to 1080p resolution or beyond!
-Director's Note

Youtube version (http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=KxaGJZe7UQw)
-Great for slower computers (for non-HD versions)
-Real-time director commentary


Nice try for Tf2 spoof

I like the whole tf2 look
Some nice music
Good drawings

I thought the voices were a little loud and annoying
I felt the humor wasnt that great
The opening about the turkey sandwhich was kinda boring

Overall: A nice idea, but i would work on the humor and story


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Over all I dont think the woman will get made all over a simple Turky Sandwich. Like you said with DocDemigod and I under stand, but it does not seem that funny to me. Can you remake this or add an sequel to this flash, naming it TF2 and a lot to do with Team Fortress 2. Or atleast make it funnier.

Ahahahahaha can I have some more?

omegafinal responds:

A sequel is planned as an episode in the upcoming "Absolute BS!" series, but it won't be made until maybe the last class update happens. With the amount of video I got queued up, that's a strong maybe.


not much to it but the lesson is true dont mess with someone elses sanvich

never played team fortress in my life.

the humor in this is how should i put it? well funny, especially that extra, your humor is getting sharper keep at it.

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Not bad

I really liked the overall humor of this cartoon. Especially the part where Olga gets teleported only to get ambushed and killed by a seemingly large number of enemies. That just comes to show that you NEVER steal anyone's turkey sandwich (or sandvich as the other skunk calls it). Payback's a bitch! I love it! And my favorite character from Rosario+Vampire, Mizore Shirayuki is in it!

The only thing I really didn't understand were some inside jokes on this toon. That was the only thing I didn't like about it. I guess I really do have to be part of the RIT Anime Club to get it. But otherwise, this installment of the TTBS series isn't bad. And I had fun voicing my character in this one, though he only had a few lines. Though we won't be seeing another TTBS for a while, I'll be looking forward to the next one, if you ever come around to making it.

From: The voice behind the R-Skunk

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4.24 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2008
8:23 PM EST
Comedy - Parody