Parasite X

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UPDATE 2: Wow thanks everyone! its featured! im so happy! thanks so much NG!

UPDATE: Wooo Thanks NG My first award ever! ive fixed the impossible mode cheat. NO MORE CHEATING! ;3 enjoy.

You're a parasite. You like to eat blood cells. The hosts body is trying to kill you. survive as long as you can. in this intense game its a fight for survival, use everything you can from upgrades to chemical bombs to stop those bloodcells from getting past you and sending antibodies in.
upgrade,evolve and eat your way to the top of the highscores with 2 modes,

Normal mode - Upgrade and survive as long as you can with an ever increasing number of enemies.

Impossible Mode - Survive as long as you can against over 400 blood cells in an epic last stand.
(CAUTION: Impossible mode might lag alittle bit if your computer is terrible. Dont come crying to me if your computer cant handle it!)
You can download the game here for your site:
http://download.krazylett er.com/games/parasitex.zi p

Finally i got to release this! i had some financial issues. (couldent find a sponsor) but i finally found one and im happy to release it now! i think this is my best work so far i hope you enjoy it!
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Still exploitable.

Maybe not impossible mode, but normal mode is. If you're about to die, simply right click and hit play. It'll end the level for you and take you to the upgrade screen. Easy way to rack up a bunch of points and then spend em all at once. Might want to fix this.

Untill then: 6/10. 5 points for quality of the gameplay, smoothness, and overall making of. You lose 2 points however for very little if any replay value, 1 point for bugs, and another point for little originality.

Let's face it, there's a ton of games out there almost exactly like this one, or with the same concept. Something falls from the top and you have to kill it before it reaches the bottom *yawn*. However, animation was well done, I always like this style of camera mode (where it follows you around in a much larger world like somebody's holding it... think Lakitu from Super Mario 64)

Suggestions for upgraded versions/new games: Make collectable one time/limited time use upgrades during levels; items such as shields (for this game maybe a shield would be a wall that the cells get trapped at for 3 seconds), a screen wide bomb, size increasing/decreasing items that last maybe 20 seconds, etc.
Another possibility is adding more npc's, such as a white blood cell that follows you around on some levels and hurts you if it touches you, or cells that take a few seconds to fully 'eat'. You could even throw in a 'boss' cell in one level just for kicks.

Anyhoo, that's just my two cents. If this is exactly the way you want your game to be and don't care for my ideas, all the power to you and it's well done (graphically).

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Very good indeed.

You have my 10.
Very addictive and well-balanced game. I should be working right now, but this got me stuck to lvl 22 until I realised how much time I've been 'wasting' here.

I still haven't reached the point where my upgrades are so useful that I can sit back and take it more easily.
Very well balanced game indeed.


I love it, but it gets boring after a while...


got dizzy there after playing it for some time...

How many levels are there? Cause I can't really feel much of the upgrades. Or is there a bug? The buddy didn't change much.

Speaking of which, it would've been cool if you can add more buddies. More us, against them...

Lastly, games like these will tend to be boring quickly, primarily because of the slow gameplay. Try the more buddy thing, and make sure upgrades can be felt then add more to the speed and numbers of the RBC's.. That'll make it more challenging..

fun game though...

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Nice game

xD I got more than 13.000.000 points, I guess that gets me to 20~30 on the ranking orso

Really nice game, got me addicted for some time, keep up the good work!

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3.59 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2008
5:23 PM EST
Skill - Collect