Parasite X

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UPDATE 2: Wow thanks everyone! its featured! im so happy! thanks so much NG!

UPDATE: Wooo Thanks NG My first award ever! ive fixed the impossible mode cheat. NO MORE CHEATING! ;3 enjoy.

You're a parasite. You like to eat blood cells. The hosts body is trying to kill you. survive as long as you can. in this intense game its a fight for survival, use everything you can from upgrades to chemical bombs to stop those bloodcells from getting past you and sending antibodies in.
upgrade,evolve and eat your way to the top of the highscores with 2 modes,

Normal mode - Upgrade and survive as long as you can with an ever increasing number of enemies.

Impossible Mode - Survive as long as you can against over 400 blood cells in an epic last stand.
(CAUTION: Impossible mode might lag alittle bit if your computer is terrible. Dont come crying to me if your computer cant handle it!)
You can download the game here for your site:
http://download.krazylett er.com/games/parasitex.zi p

Finally i got to release this! i had some financial issues. (couldent find a sponsor) but i finally found one and im happy to release it now! i think this is my best work so far i hope you enjoy it!
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This game can be great, but you didn't spend enough time developing it. If i were you, i would set this as my base. This is the structure of the game, the very basic system that is needed.

After establishing that, i would put all this load of crap on it to make it a "waw factor". New enemies, ability to get more buddies, faster buddies, bigger enemies, different colours, more interesting pictures.

What i like in a game is what i call 'equality with friendlies'. It means that i would be on the same level as all my AI friends. I don't like being the super Dynasty Warriors hero that can take out an entire army all by myself while my buddy charges and dies within the first few seconds.

The buddy system you have in this game is marvelous, you have to try to expand on it. If you can make him a teeny bit smarter, that would be better aswell.

A good game, but not good enough... yet.

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Not bad.

This has so much potential for being THE best flash game ever. When I was playing it, it got boring pretty fast, I only made it to lvl 9 then gave up from boredom.
Here is some ideas:
- Try, every couple of levels, you can exit your "host" and choose a new one with more difficulty.
- Upgrades are somewhat hard to get, and unnoticeable.
- Better AI for your "buddy". So maybe he only goes after ones that are closest to the bottom.

you get an 8/10 because of the sheer potential this game has, and unique design.
Please take my advice into affect. Guaranteedyou will not go wrong.

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This was a decent approach to simulating a parasite, but it felt like it lacked something. The game felt slow and in it's slowness, boredom soon sprung to the surface. In all honesty, you should play the game infect. evolve. repeat. and try to draw some new ideas for a sequel. Don't get me wrong, this is a solid game, it just lacks the feel of something epic. Keep up the good work, and good luck with your next project.

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This game is addicting, but since the sceen scrolls so much it actually gave me a big head ache. I feel like I'm going to throw up.


First of all I couldn't make difference in between upgrades.I payed almost 4k to realize my size (or my buddy's size) didn't grow..Exept if it is "hiddenly" upgraded and it destroys more enemies,but still it isn't clearly visible what is the actual growing part..
Furthermore I found a bug in which when you pause the game with space bar,your bomb continues rechargin...unless there is a logic "continuum" in the game,I suggest this as a bug..
Also,can you upgrade the smoothness of camera?Not to mention you should add more graphical improved enemies rather than having...spots,to "destroy" (still I can't understand what is the meaning of this game)
One advice:There are not little flash games out there trying to improve their quality in games by adding series #2 #3 etc..What I suggest you,is to get out of the box and build a whole new game-play style..because we are fed up with defence games and mouse guiding attacks..

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3.59 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2008
5:23 PM EST
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