Parasite X

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UPDATE 2: Wow thanks everyone! its featured! im so happy! thanks so much NG!

UPDATE: Wooo Thanks NG My first award ever! ive fixed the impossible mode cheat. NO MORE CHEATING! ;3 enjoy.

You're a parasite. You like to eat blood cells. The hosts body is trying to kill you. survive as long as you can. in this intense game its a fight for survival, use everything you can from upgrades to chemical bombs to stop those bloodcells from getting past you and sending antibodies in.
upgrade,evolve and eat your way to the top of the highscores with 2 modes,

Normal mode - Upgrade and survive as long as you can with an ever increasing number of enemies.

Impossible Mode - Survive as long as you can against over 400 blood cells in an epic last stand.
(CAUTION: Impossible mode might lag alittle bit if your computer is terrible. Dont come crying to me if your computer cant handle it!)
You can download the game here for your site:
http://download.krazylett er.com/games/parasitex.zi p

Finally i got to release this! i had some financial issues. (couldent find a sponsor) but i finally found one and im happy to release it now! i think this is my best work so far i hope you enjoy it!
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good game...

This is a very well done game, but like every one else has said, it has its issues. The only issue I had a major deal with wasn't even the game, it was keeping my damn mouse in the screen. It could use something to spice it up and make it a little less repetitive, perhaps upgrades that are more effective, and maybe even a bonus level or something of the like. Just something to keep it fresh the whole time. Other than that, though, it was a well done game. I also think you should put a counter on how many cells made it to the bottom, and out of how many it takes to lose.
Good work though!

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Fun at first, but soon gets repetitive!

It's a fun game, and I played for a few levels. However, the upgrades are very, very small, the pace is quite slow, and there's no variation aside from this incremental evolution and increasing amounts of blood. I kept thinking there would be something new lying around the corner, but there never was, which left me feeling a little cheated.

I'll admit that I'm not really someone who enjoys playing long, slow, repetitive games to get a l33t high score (e.g. Tetris, Columns); I prefer games which are fairly brief, have some sort of on-going story or at least some variation as levels advance, and adds new elements as you continue playing. You've got a fair number of tens, so I'm probably not your intended audience, but I see that a few other people left similar comments. So if you wanted to add some awesome for this ornery bunch, consider:

* more obvious/interesting upgrades, with more visible and elaborate changes in appearance;
* an obvious progression as levels increase (e.g. moving through different areas of the hosts body, perhaps some sort of running narrative); and
* something other than conventional blood cells in later levels.

Any one of these would have seriously improved the game, from my perspective!

To recap: it's a good game that gets dull very quickly from my possibly biased perspective, and I'd love to see what would happen if you tried a few of those suggestions in a "Parasite X-II". :)

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great game

i just don't see what anything has to do with parasites


The reason why I gave it a 10/10 because this is just an addictive game I mean I played to level 17 but then I quit cause I realize that nothing will change but the quantity of so-called "blood cells"... Okay you need ideals man like viruses attacking you to keep you from the "Infected Blood" that you can kill and when you go to the next level it means to the next level. Make the backgrounds different or something. Like your fighting off viruses through a body or something. No offense to women but this game was like a tampon soaking up blood plain and blunt. Just add stuff and take away stuff iight. Looking forward to a PX-2

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nice concept, but i often found myself getting annoyed with bloodcells off to the side where i cant get them.

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Dec 5, 2008
5:23 PM EST
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