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Hey thanks for playing my first Flash Game! I spent a lot of time making it and I hope you enjoy it. This is a physics based game where you guide a ball to the goal by drawing lines on the screen. Collect power ups that change the length of your lines, alter gravity, slow time and more! If you're having trouble with a level just return to the main menu and select a different one.


-Hold and drag left mouse button to draw lines
-Hold the SPACE bar for slow motion to help give you time to angle the lines
-A, S, D keys to change between the 3 line types
(green lines bounce high, red lines bounce low, yellow lines bounce inbetween)
-ESC or P to pause


Has style!

Cool game, coll concept, great music!!
Like it!

Loved IT!

Simple, unadulterated enjoyment. I'll be playing more of this in the future.

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Too Linear

Very nice. It looked good and it felt good to play.

The major gripe is that you can only draw straight lines. I would've liked to have had a bit of curve available in the paths I created. Further more, the game could be improved if the environment represented more than just a hazard. Why can't I let my ball roll on the ground? This would've made the 'fixed number of lines' game mechanic more tolerable.

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Cool idea!

This game is pretty good and challanging too! The graphics are good. The audio is great and the gameplay is really good too. Great game!

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really your first game?

it's not the most riveting thing i've ever played, but if it really was your first attempt, then i'm astonished. nicely done

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3.63 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2008
3:41 PM EST
Skill - Other