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Tophers Escape!

rated 2.18 / 5 stars
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Dec 5, 2008 | 11:20 AM EST

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Author Comments

"Guide Topher's head to avoid the dangerous dangers of the Forest of Doom (and beyond!). Collect the magic pizzas in order to grow a majestic beardly beard that may or may not protect you from harm."

As some of you may have guessed, this is my first attempt to create a flash game, and I'm brand new to actionscript (literally began learning it a month ago).

There are diagonal controls, so you're not limited to just up/down/left/right, if you hit both two arrow keys at a time, but yes, the controls are definitely on the sluggish side, and some physics would be a good addition. If there are any good tutorials to adjust that, please let me know. Thanks.

Also, as far as trigger area goes for the objects, if you know how to adjust that, I would much appreciate it. I'm just using a "hittestobject" code in actionscript 3.0 for it, and so the trigger area is set automatically. I have no idea how to go about adjusting it, because yes, it is very annoying how large the area is.

Mapping Topher to the mouse I feel would make the game far too easy, and thus I wanted to do something with the directional arrows instead, to give it a bizarre/frustrating challenge.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Pretty dang confusing....

I had a hard time playing the game, It took me a minute to figure out what to do, and always starting a level with something taking my health away was annoying also the lawn mower commets had to big of a trigger area to really avoid any thing. The controls seemed kind of sluggish (i was using the arrow keys) and in general I thing you should go back to the drawing board and redesign.

chendri2 responds:

Any ideas on how to shrink the trigger areas manually in actionscript 3.0? I'm using a "hit test object" code, which automatically selects the hit area on movieclips, and for some reason, its gigantic. I couldn't find a way to manually select the area. Any ideas?

And yes, the control delay seems to be a recurring complaint, have any ideas how to fix it?


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

keypress delay

Try to remove the hold delay on the arrow keys. It makes it impossible to play.

chendri2 responds:

Any idea on how to do this in actionscript 3.0? I recognized the problem, but I don't have a solution.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Hairy Concept

I won't argue the bizarre game design here. There's a quirky sort of humor that worked well enough to get me through to the end.

What's keeping this game from a good score is the awful control scheme. Forced to use the directional buttons, your floating head can only move on an X Y axis, making it very, very difficult to avoid the objects flying around. This is further compounded by the snail's pace you're forced to move with. Map Topher to the mouse and give us some diagonal control as well as a speed boost.

Topher's Escape is also criminally short and the final 'boss' leaves much to be desired. There's not enough here and it just doesn't feel like a finished work.

chendri2 responds:

There is diagonal control, but I agree about having control difficulties. I was hoping to receive a little actionscript 3.0 advice on it, because you're right about the game not being finished, I just wanted to get feedback and advice before I continue. I can definitely add a speed boost no problem, but I feel that would make it too easy. I might add floating objects that give you one though. Thanks.