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A little while ago my girlfriend and I had a fight, and I was able to appease her through a cute and unique way. A little bit after resolving things with her, I got this idea for an animation and recently I have made it for an introductory flash course.

Thanks and please enjoy!



The Good:
Graphics were decent and looked realistic. Transitions were clean. Animation was decent and convincing, but as the author stated it was for a class learning flash. (Hope you got a good grade)

The Bad:
The art style on the bus seemed rather realistic, but this clashed with the concentric circles emanating from the wireless doohickey. It was difficult to see what he was doing or tell what it was in his hands, which may have been the point of the circles, but a close up of his hands texting the message would do better as it can be clearly seen what he's doing, and reinforce that the two are communicating but not face-to-face.

At the end when she jumps on him the animation seemed cheesy, not that I could do better, but if your looking for somewhere to improve, that's one of them.

The vote:
2 - Nothing I'd suggest to my friends, but worth keeping on newgrounds for the random reviewer, and possibly to host it for you to use in a portfolio.

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howelone responds:

I see what you mean, the reason the bus was different is becuase I drew the bus from a picture a while ago and was short on time to make a new one. I will certainly like to improve upon this project with that point.


Cute story. :3 I liked the detailed artwork in the beginning, and I thought you'd gotten lazy once the artwork switched to Ascii but I realize it was him sending her text messages to cheer her up. :) Decent animation and sound.

howelone responds:

hehe yep reflecting on the real life events the animation is based on it was indeed very cute :)

This made me smile.

The animations could have used some work- the graphics were okay, though.

What got me was the sheer idea- I loved the use of the emoticons to express the two people. The music was brilliant, too.

Good job. :D

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howelone responds:

I agree, a lot of the animation could have used some more attention. I ended up just tweening a lot of things when, given more time, I could have gone in and did some more specific animating.

way to go

nice work, very heart warming.

howelone responds:

thanks so much


A good use of smilies. Had some nice emotion to it. My only complaint: a little bit longer with some extra tension.You know, some clips of the guy getting ready and such.

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howelone responds:

Yeah I agree with you totally. I actually ran short of time so I wasn't able to make the beginning longer :[

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3.14 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2008
3:02 PM EST