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wow just played this game for the first time in years i was actually going to remove it but it's good to have a starting point i guess.
this is my first point and click game its more of a test than an acual game.
i played submachine and covert front and was inspierd to make a game that was simaler but with lovecraftian horror themes.


So after being realy overwelmed with the task i under took and baceing the whole thing on a huge house i knew from my childhood (22 rooms). i desided that i had to prove to myself that i could make a game at all befoe i tryed to make an epic so i borowed (ripped off) the basic premmis of submachine. but used my own puzzles cause theres no sence in making it if it isint my own on some level.
i would love coments and sugjestions. tell me if its to easy or hard. or if the puzzles arnt logical


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Fairly good, but several puzzles malfunctioned allowing you to win without solving them.

okay I definitely love you.


Room for improvment

Its a good start, but needs a little work.

Graphics 7/10

You can tell what everything is supposed to be, but it lacks detail and suffers from choppy animation.

Plot n/a

Plot? what Plot?

Sound n/a

Having some music would help. nothing too big, just something quiet to help fit the mood.

Gameplay 7/10

A decent point and click game, but suffers from a couple glitches.
Some places were you need to open a door or move a painting, you can click on it and get the item before it is open!

Final score: 7

For your first game its alright, but needs some improvements.
A sequel or remake would be nice

A valiant effort...

Not too shabby for your first foray into escape-the-room games. The solutions to the puzzles were logical and straightforward, and I could find what I was looking for without too much pixel hunting. However, there are some things you might like to consider:

It would be as much a visual treat as a useful game feature if the rooms had something distinctive about each. Not just different content within the rooms, either, but obvious, discernible differences between one room and the next. It would make navigation a whole lot easier if one room looked like say, a dining area and another looked like a bathroom. Being able to orient yourself within a point-and-click is often very important.

Another would be that some objects within the game are disproportionate or out of perspective to other items or objects. An example would be the chest and the wall. The chest appears unduly large, and almost appears to go "into" the wall, breaking the illusion of any true depth.

One small nit pick, and one that isn't necessarily as important as the other two, is putting some sort of story behind the game. If you give the player a reason as to why they're stuck in a room, and why they need to get out, they become more interested in finding the solution. You don't need to come off as the reincarny of Shakespeare, just something that will set some sort of mood and cause-and-effect setup to your game. It can literally be, and I've seen this used, "You have woken up and have no clue where you are. All you know is that you need to get out."

If you're unsure of how to go about setting a mood, music also helps. something quite and calming gives a sense of relaxed exploration, something ambient and haunting might give a sense of alert wariness, and a mix of the two would give a daunting, eerie feel. It wouldn't hurt to add sound effects, as well, to better immerse the player into the game.

Overall, it's decent and solid; pretty nice for a first go.

It has potential.

This isn't awful, but I don't like the maze aspect to it where you're just looking from one direction in every room. Other than that, I definitely encourage you to keep making games!

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2.99 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2008
2:44 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click