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Madness Combat Defense

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Madness Combat Defense
Great Tower Defense game.

Pick up towers on the lower left, and place them in the field. Stop the madness men before they can cross the field.

This game was made with Krinkels express permission, (He got a cut of the sponsorship $$)


A bit over Average...

It's good for defence game, but not good for Madness.

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The game was alright for a bit but the difficulty goes up too much each level.

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concept is good

yeh good concept but kinda glitchy and slow. plus this game is basiclly copied off XENO TACTIC (spent 10 minutes find Xeno tactics name)

I expected so much more.

Madness is awesome. This game is not. There's a lot of potential, but simple problems: Like the fact that the game doesn't fit inside its box and the enemy paths seem glitched, hold it back. The dull gray of the environment- or lack thereof, perhaps -coupled with the dull gray of the turrets coupled with the dull gray of the enemies creates a very dull gray experience. Take it back, polish it until it shines like something from the Madness IP should, and try again.

very good game but...

the screen doesnt fit,
fix it,
i cant see how much money i have,
and the upgrade buttons are half cut off.

other than that excellent. :)

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Credits & Info

4.35 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2008
1:56 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense