John McCain as President

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Its been awhile.

This was made in a rush for a class presentation I have tomarrow. I think its good, so Im adding it to newgrounds.

I actually like McCain, so if anyone is angry about it.. hahahahahaha!

By the way, Im not very educated with politics. So if I have something wrong in this, Im failing my class.

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Wouldn't happen

Oil and natural gas are always being created. Think of oil as an apple. You want to make apple cider out of this apple, Think of the apple as decomposing matter, and other things in the Earth. To make apple cider, you have to crush the apple, or compacting the Earth. In the Earth this is always happening. When you get the juice from the crushed apple, you have to ferment it. Then it's apple cider, or oil. But... I don't really care as long as you supported McCain.

" a thought"

poor mccain had an even tougher opponent than obama, the poor name of republicans. oh well, the people chose obama, so its finally over. and the point you raised about running out of natural gas is sad. we are using up the world's resources... i wonder if the apocalypse is near?


This is a great video to go after something serious like the presentation. It is Crazy and epic.
... It makes ME feel sexy!

Go for making Fun of anything that is able to be made fun of!

By the way people who took this seriously... You guys are retarded. Bask in the hilarity of it

I think you should make some on other political figures all over the world. That way one government group wont feel so offended. Hahaha, and we get more stuff to look at.

it was alright

you put effort into this and its better than anything ive ever done in flash. just one thing im pretty sure nuclear plants dont blow up like nukes. :)

Pete-the-poe responds:

Yeah, they dont. This was just for the humor in it.

Excuses do not excuse.

'Its for your class' 'You're not educated in politics' And from your review responses 'It's meant to kill time'. All that sticks of excuses and it shows. The movie makes little sense and lacks the basic components of story telling- beginning middle and end. Frankly, I don't care what the context for the submission is. By putting it up for review you're telling everyone that you think its good enough to be shared. Then answer me: why do you only share it with a glut of thin excuses?

Pete-the-poe responds:

Fuck you!
Makes me feel sexy. = D