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CV: The Movie

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Well, I've finally been here a year. Still seems like yesterday when I first started coming here....ahh the memories. This was obviously dedicated to myself blah blah blah.....the important this is ya watch my Flash and wish me luck on my next year here. I've learned alot about Flash since then, and Im only getting better. The first year's the roughest, but that makes it all the more worthwhile. So, enjoy the Flash, give her a 5 for me, and have a good one!

Oh, some notes about the final scene.....yes, if you didnt realize, it has a bit of interactivity to it. A trail of fun lil' sparkley stars will follow your cursor, and if you rollover the lights, they'll get all bight and bright. They pretty much do that cuz I wanted them to, if you cant handle that, please refrain from rolling over the lights, thank you and enjoy the movie!



Made me laugh, didn't expect it. Good job.

ChemicalVengence responds:

Yeah, kinda randomly threw it in there, thx for the review!


I love puppies, and you found the BEST pix of them! This was a great slide show, keep it up! LOOOOOOOOOOL :P

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ChemicalVengence responds:

I enjoy your reviews, so well thought out!

flashy(oooh thats a bad pun)

the sign the lady is holding is a bit hard to read but the bits of interactivity are a nice touch I hope you continue to grow as a flash animator. Also kinda nice to hear Kirby music (used to play snes thing with my bro)

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ChemicalVengence responds:

Kirby music is epic.....end of discussion! Thanks for the review!

Nice....but needs work

Its Good in a way, but its really random and off...

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ChemicalVengence responds:

I like being random, that's where I draw my strength from! The less sense it makes to you, the more natural it feels to me!


Seriously I thought this was a good video then when I watched it.... IT WAS HORRIBLE I am upset that you couldn't be a better artist (no offense).

ChemicalVengence responds:

well arent you a nice one......whatever, cant please em all....

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3.35 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2008
9:28 PM EST
Comedy - Original