Red, White & Poo: Ep 2

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An epic FLASH game presented in full retro-pixelated 2D glory! You play as Harry Joe, a mulleted man of mammoth machismo...

Episode TWO: Of_Leaves_&_Limbs.exe

In a time much like our own...
The left wing liberal elites have won...
It's a world of godless sodomites and evolutionary scientists...
Terrorists frolic in the playgrounds...
Jesus has been replaced by the aborting Jezebel...
The Dark Sidedness is fueled by the flames of hippie flag burnings...
But from the ashes a HERO is born; HARRY JOE.
Harry Joe is a simple man. He just wants to be left alone and enjoy what's his. But the Fates have a different destiny in store for our mulleted man of mammoth machismo.

Terrorists have infiltrated his Xanadu. A suicide bomber is threatening his mobile home shanty with imminent annihilation. As Harry Joe, you must traverse your way through dangers hereto unforeseen. Your truck is in town for repairs. You NEED your truck, The Pork-Chop Express, to move your home and save the day! Will you pledge allegiance to the U$A and make them terrorists pay?

Good luck. Protect the Homeland. Secure the borders. If they don't bleed red, white and poo, then you know what you have to do.

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Much more adventure awaits you my proud patrioteer.
This game is filled with too much awesomesauce to fit on newgrounds.
Download the full game@:


No load times in the full game! One big, epic, seemless adventure! Extra content not available on newgrounds versions! Compete for HIGH SCORES!!!


Dear god no.

It reminds me of that incredibly impossible E.T. game on the 2600. I enjoy an Atari game every now and then but I stick to the classics cause all those adventure games on Atari blew goats. It was very funny though.

hahahaah NOOBS!

YOU CAN'T MAKE THAT JUMP??? HHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBZ!!!! that jump is easier than your mom after a long island..... that jump is easier than winning an election against McCain.... that jump is easier than... well.. let's just say its easy.

Another great episode in the trials and tribulations of harry Joe. I'm looking forward to the next on :D Great work!

fix a bug, because this game is so much fun

The totem pole at the end made me LOL. Now you just have to fix the bug with the items, so I can feel the goodness of the ding dang USA and jeebus wash over me as I exit stage two!!! Anyone who didn't make it to the end is obviously not trying hard enough.

ExistentialEgg responds:

ITEM bug FIXED!!! Rock on my proud patrioteer. But my oh my... however did you make the impossible jump! Verily thou must be a necromancer!


The tutorial made it sound alright, despite the pixels. The doubts started when i had to close the game and restart to exit the tutorial....also had same prob as below, branch is too high to advance.

ExistentialEgg responds:

there's a large "MAIN" button on the bottom of the "How / Controls" screen that will take you back to the menu.

You can make that jump. If it was easy it wouldn't be worth doing.
*hint* Get as close to the ledge as you can before jumping.


Ok... This game do not worth the 1 minute i wait to get it start. Please make something else than ''video game'' or make them better.
I can understand that you want to make a retro video game but please EVOLVE!!!
By the way i like the recycling bin at the beginnig it make me lafe because it remember me Mario
(i only say the recycling bin and the terrorist because i was bored after it)

Sorry for the bad spelling (I am french after all)

ExistentialEgg responds:

Harry Joe (game protagonist) don't believe in no stinkin' evolution! God made him RETRO and that's the way he likes it.

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3.26 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2008
5:12 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop