Military Monster Truck

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Welcome Newgrounders, enjoy this truck side scroller game my team and I created and let me know what you think. It's no masterpiece, but I hope you'll have fun with it for a little while.

Instructions: Drive the truck by using the arrow keys. Climb steep hills by switching to low gear and use high gear for maximum speed on easier terrain.


Too hard little time bad tutorial & no air control

This game is too hard becuase of the timer, there's almost no time to complete the maps, it's just pure luck in this game, no skill. The tutorial about the Gear could have been better because it does not explain what the difference are, it's good to know that Low is the power and High is Speed, i had to figure it out by myself, i usually don't read the Author Notes so i did not notice that until now, however there is no excuse for not adding that to the game's tutorial!

Here is what is REALLY useful in games such as these: Aerial control, the ability to steer while in air, why add this? Well it gives us an impression of freedom in this game and some sense of security since there are NO HEALTH BAR, this also could have been explained in the tutorial

And what's with the awkward gameplay? it's like the vehicle loses some frame rates, and the jumps over the mines!? Were there ANY beta testing at ALL for this game? I can hardly jump over them and i always lose speed! Please do some serious fixes for this game

However i like that there are no sound or whatsoever because we can listen to our own music, half a point there, what also gives this submission a full point are the graphics, so i wish i could give this game a 1.5 on this review, so a 2 must do :P But i can still give this game a 1 at the rating bar

However, i did some more gaming and tried to learn the gear shifting and that and i did manage to complete several maps, but it was with a fraction of a second before i lost most of the time, i can see the potential for this game, but as i said, it needs serious fixing, take a loooong while to fix this game up, better yet. Take the same file and improve EVERYTHING what the community says.

Good luck!

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The graphics in...

this game were cool, thats about it. I agree with the guy below me. This needs to be made easier or have longer time. Good luck on your next endevor...........vp

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Nothing new

Pretty boring and this has basically been done to death. But I'll give you 1star for effort.


No instruction. I didn't know how to change the gears, it even took me a few seconds to figure out what was forward.

Also the game kept shaking around for no reason and there was no air control. Sorry but this blows.

holy crap

that was pure crap. I couldnt even get past the freaking hill and you had 30 seconds to get... god knows how far! make it easier and more fun.

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2.21 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2008
12:39 PM EST
Sports - Racing